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The more we know about the world around us, the more likely we are to succeed in it.

How do cultures maintain their unique identities at the same time they participate in the larger global arena? What effects have both colonialism and globalization had on cultural exchange?  Why does it mean for me to become a global citizen? An increasingly interconnected world demands new focus on the exchange between and among different cultures, rather than in-depth study of a single culture or its people. Emmanuel's transcultural studies minor is an exceptional complement to any major. The program provides you with an opportunity to study the art, literature and religion, in other words, the cultural practices, of cultures throughout the world, but more specifically, cultural exchange between and among these cultures.

The Curriculum

View the 2023-2024 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.

1. PHIL1201 Global Ethics (M) (ER) (DM)

2-5. Four additional courses are required. Three courses must be distributed among three of the four disciplines: art history; English; modern languages; and theology and religious studies. The remaining course may be taken from any of the four disciplines. Courses must be selected from the following list, or from approved offerings at other Colleges of the Fenway, selected in consultation with the faculty coordinator:


  • ART2204 Transcultural Exchange and the Visual Arts (AI-A)(VCI)
  • ART2224 Irish Art (AI-A) (VCI)


  • ENGL2106 Irish Identities
  • ENGL2417 Literature of the Black Atlantic (AI-L) (LI) (DM)
  • ENGL2703 Literature at the Border
  • ENGL3605 Global Literature and Film


  • LANG2105 Contemporary Latin American Fiction (AI-L)
  • LANG2416 Latin American Peoples and Cultures (AI-L)
  • LANG2417 Hispanic Culture and Language Through Film
  • LANG2664 The Arab World Through its Literature (AI-L)


  • THRS2135 World Religions (R) (RI) (DM)
  • THRS2154 India: Religion, Culture and Justice* (R) (RI) (DM)
  • THRS2201 War, Peace and Religion (R) (RI) (SJ)
  • THRS2208 Global Christianity (RCT)
  • THRS2217 Women in World Religions (R)
  • THRS3203 World Religions in Conflict and Dialogue (RCT) (RICT) (DM)

*Travel Course