The American legal system is a complex and dynamic system of statues, legislation and regulations that aims to offer justice for all—but often has unintended or unjust consequences.

Emmanuel's minor in legal studies offers an interdisciplinary look at the workings of the law—from the judicial system and legal reform to issues of justice and injustice from political, philosophical and sociological perspectives. Scholarship of legal studies upholds the College's mission of greater social, economic, and political justice, to all of which study of the law is critical. This minor is an ideal for any student who is interested in and would benefit from an introduction to the legal system and related public policy issues.

The Curriculum

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Requirements for a minor in Legal Studies

A minor in Legal Studies requires six courses

1-4. Required Courses

  • PHIL2203 Philosophy of Law (M) (ER)
  • POLSC1201 American Politics (SA) (SS) (SJ)
  • POLSC2602 Introduction to Law and the Judicial System
  • CCJ1203 Crime and Justice (SS)

5-6. Electives (choose two)

  • CCJ2101 Criminology (SS)
  • MGMT2301 Legal Environment of Business
  • PHIL2108 Critical Thinking (M) (ER)
  • POLSC2603 Problems of Law and Society
  • POLSC3209 Public Policy, Law and Psychology
  • POLSC3607 Constitutional Law

By the completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • have a thorough understanding of the workings of the judicial system;
  • have a thorough understanding of the often-unintended consequences of the judicial system that contribute to injustices;
  • be able to intelligently discuss and analyze potential reforms that would lead to a more just system of criminal justice;
  • have a clearer understanding of how they might be able to utilize their understanding of the law to a wide range of career opportunities both within the law and as applied to other disciplines.