Cross disciplinary borders while exploring this vibrant, influential, culturally significant and critically important region of the world.

The traditions of Latin America—from the southern border of the United States to the tip of South America and the Caribbean islands—represent a richly diverse mixture of indigenous, African and European colonial influences. Immerse yourself in the history, literature, politics and languages of Latin America in the classroom or beyond, absorbing the culture firsthand in one of Emmanuel's many study-abroad programs.

The Curriculum

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Requirements for a Minor in Latin American Studies

1. HIST2125 History of Modern Latin America OR POLSC2301 Politics of Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

2-5. Electives (choose four courses from three different fields):

  • ECON3109/FINAN3109 Public Finance
  • ENGL2417 Literature of the Black Atlantic (AI-L) (LI) (DM)
  • HIST2125 History of Modern Latin America (HI) 
  • HIST3121 Surviving Columbus: 500 Years of Indigenous History (DM) 
  • HIST3225 Utopias, Revolution, and Diaspora: Themes  in Latin America
  • LANG2105 Contemporary Latin American Fiction 
  • LANG2415 Spanish at Work in the Community 
  • LANG2416 Latin American Peoples and Cultures
  • LANG3411 Latin American Literary Giants 
  • LANG3417 Spanish American Experience: An Overview 
  • LANG3427 Contemporary Spanish American Women Novelists 
  • POLSC2301 Politics of Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and Caribbean
  • POLSC3301 Comparative Politics of Developing States
  • POLSC3303 Street Democracy
  • THRS2213 Liberation Theory