Technological innovations brought media production outside the boundaries of studios and sets, allowing individuals to visually communicate in new and compelling ways.

The field of communication has rapidly changed, and still is rapidly changing, affecting the way we produce and consume media. Through this hands-on, interdisciplinary minor, students prepare for the careers of tomorrow and learn to navigate the news, media and filmmaking culture of the 21st century. Students will carry out a production project from conception to completion, developing the skills and technical proficiencies in video and web-based production needed to effectively communicate through a variety of emerging media.

The Curriculum

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Course Requirements for a minor in Digital Media Production:

  • ART1407 Visual Language for Design and Communication (AI-A) (VCI)
  • ART3431 Motion Graphics and Digital Animation
  • ART3531 Stories in Motion
  • COMM1502 Media & Society (SA) (SS)
  • COMM3311 Ethics in Documentary Film