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Following a successful reaccreditation visit, the College launched in November launch a comprehensive Strategic Planning process aimed at defining the College’s top priorities for the next decade.

Leading this effort is a Strategic Planning A committee is composed of representatives from across the College and it co-chaired by Dr. Josef Kurtz, Provost, and Sean Philpott, Vice President of Information Resources and Planning. The committee consists of five standing “vertical” subcommittees focusing on Academics, Enrollment, Students, Brand Awareness, and Resources; each of these, in turn, is integrated with lateral subcommittees devoted to Mission & Values; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Data & Assessment.

The Strategic Planning Committee completed a first round of listening sessions with faculty, staff, and students, part of its commitment to consistent and authentic engagement with the College community and transparency throughout the process. Work will continue throughout the summer of 2023 and additional discussions will be held in the Fall 2023 semester with members of the College community regarding the plan and the role they will play in putting it into action. Subsequently, the Strategic Planning Committee will remain in place to implement the plan in three-year iterations. Further, the committee will continually measure and assess results and modify the plan over time based on performance and changing conditions.