DEI Hiring Dashboard

The CDEI, in partnership with the Office of Human Resources, designed a DEI Hiring Dashboard to build on our diverse workforce and assess our recruiting practices to create change in our hiring and retention efforts. The vision is to continue using this dashboard to make evidenced-based decisions in recruiting and attracting diverse talent to create an inclusive culture and establish equitable practices throughout the hiring process. For more information, please contact HR or the CDEI.

Summer Programming & Resources

The CDEI recently launched the Include Pedagogy Course Redesign Program. This program includes 14 faculty who are part of a seven-month cohort-based initiative to examine an existing course syllabus (of the faculty member’s choice), address gaps in achievement within their classroom, create an inclusive environment, and provide continued support to a colleague on an on-going basis

Faculty Hiring Resource Guide

The Faculty Hiring Resource Guide serves as a reference tool to ensure our commitment to diversifying the faculty and creating equitable recruiting and hiring processes with the goal of eliminating biases and creating a more inclusive workplace. The guide will be shared by the fall of 2023

Professional Development Resource Guide

The CDEI is committed to facilitating opportunities for faculty and staff to collaborate, engage, and exchange innovative ideas and promising practices to remain informed on the most recent developments in higher education. The guide shares local and national conferences and other professional learning opportunities available for faculty and staff. The guide will be shared on the CDEI website page by the fall of 2023.

Inclusive Language Guide

The Inclusive Language Guide is about more than replacing specific words with more acceptable terms; it is about changing long-held attitudes and habits we do not think twice about. Being aware of the power of our language is not about being politically correct - it is about treating people with respect and dignity and increasing awareness. The guide will be shared in August and info sessions will be provided in the fall of 23 and spring of 24.

Employee Resource Groups

This fall, we are excited to announce the re-launch of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) and LGBTQ+, and will add our Anti-racist white affinity group. These groups will be dedicated to supporting historically marginalized populations and finding opportunities to bond and discuss common interests and concerns.