Provide campus-wide wired internet for Staff and Faculty as well as wireless connections for Students, Staff, Faculty, and visiting guests or vendors.


• "Eduroam" - This network is the primary wireless network for Emmanuel College. It will provide internet access to all students, as well as Emmanuel employees. When connecting to Eduroam, the username is your full Emmanuel email address (ex. howardt [at] and the password is the same as your Email/MySaints password. This network does not require any software installation prior to access. Eduroam is available throughout the Emmanuel campus, the Colleges of the Fenway schools, and at a growing number of locations worldwide. Please see the Eduroam website for location maps and a list of service locations, This network also provides wireless access for Emmanuel employees to systems such as Ellucian Colleague, Informer, shared drives, and more.

• "ECWireless" - This network provides short-term, hot-spot style access to the internet for non-Emmanuel guests such as prospective parents, guest lecturers, and vendors. The password for this network changes regularly and is provided to Staff and Faculty departments upon request. Contact the Helpdesk for more information. This network is also used to connect gaming console and smart devices and replaces ECMedia for Emmanuel residents and other students living on campus. Emmanuel students can register their devices at this website. Non-Emmanuel students who live on campus, such as MCPHS students, will need to register their device through the Console Request Form


Includes methodical diagnosis to determine a resolution for the user.

Remote access off-campus to access Emmanuel IT Services

Remote Access Services through Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides Emmanuel College members with connectivity to IT services from off campus. For the full list of services supported through VPN, see the list below. Emmanuel College Information Technology supports Cisco's Any Connect Secure Mobility Client as its primary VPN client. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.


Available To:
Staff and Faculty

(Staff Department members that primarily rely on one of the systems requiring VPN will be provided VPN access by default. To request VPN, please click on the Request Service tab. Student access is prohibited.)

What does it do?

• Provides a solution for users to work remotely from off campus and connect to integrated services that are normally only available on campus.

• Provides the ability to work through the various port blocks and firewalls that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and administrators have built that often interrupt mission critical work from being accomplished remotely.

• Provides access to shared network files and folders to continue collaboration from off-site on Emmanuel provided laptops only.

• VPN provides a secure connection to the Emmanuel network but is not what some people call "Remote Desktop" and does not allow users to remotely access another computer.

What systems require VPN for usage off campus?

The list below indicates services you can access off campus without VPN and those which require VPN. If the system or service you are looking for isn't listed, please contact the IT Helpdesk for more information:

Outlook and Web EmailEllucian Colleague*
EC LearnEllucian Recruiter*
ADP Workforce NowInformer
MySaints PortalImageNow*
Online Academic ResourcesShared Documents/Network Drives
OneDriveRaiser's Edge* and Ingeniux CMS

*Usage may also require Emmanuel provided computer and/or associated software installation

Tutorials and Guides

All Emmanuel issued laptops have the VPN client pre-installed. If you are working from a personal computer, follow the steps below to install the client and get connected.

Technical Requirements
Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client and service will work on Macs running OS X 10.7 or later, Windows 7, 8, and 10 including 64-bit versions.

How to get connected

Emmanuel College users with VPN access can connect to Emmanuel's VPN by using the Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client already pre-installed on an Emmanuel laptop. For a connecting with a non-Emmanuel device, please email the IT Helpdesk at Helpdesk [at] for further instructions or use the request tab to submit a VPN request to the IT Helpdesk.

To use VPN, verify that your device is connected to a wireless network at your remote location, open the Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client application, and connect to You will then be prompted for your Emmanuel login credentials as well as a method of mutli-factor authentication. Please note, that unlike other services that use Duo for authentication, the VPN tool will not prompt you before sending a notification to the associated mobile device. Instead, once credentials have been entered, please check this device immediately to accept authentication. Once authenticated, you will automatically connect to the VPN.

Please select the corresponding guide for usage of VPN on your specific operating system: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an internet connection to use VPN?

Yes. VPN establishes a secure and private connection between your computer and Emmanuel's network through the internet. If working remotely, you must establish a connection to the internet before connecting through the VPN client.

Should I turn on VPN while on campus?

No. VPN is only required when working off campus and when connecting through a different internet enabled network.

How long can I stay connected to VPN?

For security purposes, every VPN session disconnects after 3 hours by default. Simply reconnect to create a new VPN session after VPN timeout.

How can I test that my VPN is working?

Once you have the client installed and configured, you should receive a message indicating a successful connection status.

What is remote desktop and can I use it?

Remote desktop enables a computer to be controlled remotely by another computer across networks. Due to security and reliability concerns, remote desktop is not a service provided or supported by Emmanuel IT unless individually approved by the Director of IT Services and Support or Chief Information Officer.

In exchange for a lack of remote desktop service, Emmanuel IT has set a standard to replace Staff and Faculty desktops with laptops for all users requiring remote access with VPN. If you require remote access and do not yet have an Emmanuel provided laptop, contact the Helpdesk to submit a laptop request.

How to request Remote Access (VPN)

Staff Department members that primarily rely on one of the systems requiring VPN will be provided VPN access by default. Student access is prohibited. Access is limited by licensing and availability. Any other Emmanuel College staff or faculty member can request access by contacting the Emmanuel College IT Helpdesk.

Emmanuel IT provides an IP-TV service through Comcast which includes broadcast and cables channels as well as XFINITY On Demand™.

These channels are accessible through the web by going to, entering Emmanuel College, and following the login instructions. Click start watching to open the On Campus player. Check out the tabs below to see a list of Features, FAQs and how to set up your device!