Kiely '19 Scores "Dream Come True" Position with the Boston Red Sox

Management major (and sports lover) Tyler Kiely ’19 is pursuing his personal, academic and career goals as a Fan & Youth Engagement Representative at Fenway Park.

Growing up a die-hard Red Sox fan, Tyler Kiely has always thought of Fenway Park as a second home. From a young age, Kiely dreamed of playing second base for the Sox—to be part of the team on which he saw many of his role models. As he got a bit older and began grappling with the fact that his call-up may not be coming, Kiely sought a change of plans: to one day work for the Boston Red Sox.

Having accomplished his newly refined goal as early as his sophomore year at Emmanuel, Kiely has already hit it out of the park. As a management major with a concentration in marketing and sport management, his role as Fan & Youth Engagement Representative has allowed him to pursue his personal, academic and career goals all at once. Kiely first began as in intern in April 2017, serving as a Fan Clubs Representative. Now a rising senior, his role has since evolved into his current position, in which he assists the Red Sox Marketing Department in a multitude of ways, both inside the Park and beyond.

During home games at Fenway, Kiely is tasked with a number of duties, ranging from operating the Red Sox Kid Nation booth at Gate B, selling and promoting the program to fans, and helping fans with issues or questions regarding their Red Sox Nation or Kid Nation memberships. When he’s not at Fenway, he assists in facilitating promotional events all across New England, helping to give fans the opportunity to see a game at Fenway—or to bring the spirit of America’s Most Beloved Ballpark to them.

Kiely has benefitted greatly from the individualized guidance he has received from his instructors in the business & economics department at Emmanuel, namely Professor Kelly Grant and Dr. Jing Yang. This mentorship, paired with his already-robust internship experience, has enabled Kiely to turn his knowledge into know-how, transforming concepts learned in the classroom into practical skills in the outside word.

“The professors in the business & economics department have taught me about not only the core concepts of the business environment, but more importantly, how to implement them successfully,” says Kiely.

Leveraging his proximity to Fenway Park, as well as his ability to work closely with his instructors, Kiely has been able to secure a job that is “a dream come true” very early in his academic and professional journey. With the skills and field experience he will take with him post-graduation, Tyler is already batting a thousand.

“Emmanuel has positioned me to be successful, not only with my current job, but also with jobs in the future,” says Tyler. “I know the knowledge and skillset I have gained during my time at Emmanuel will undoubtedly guide me throughout my entire career.”

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