Scope Of Services

The Counseling Center offers a variety of mental health services, including short-term counseling, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, crisis intervention, group counseling, educational workshops, outside referrals and more.

To serve as many students as possible, we provide time-limited counseling and refer to outside providers when a student’s concern requires a specialization not available in the Center or is not appropriate for short term work. On average students are seen for 6 sessions but can be seen for up to 12 sessions if needed. Students who are referred to off-campus provider or specialist will need to provide insurance and/or a copayment fee.

Some of the issues commonly addressed in time-limited counseling include:

  • Personal issues: stress and anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief and loss, anger, lack of confidence or self-esteem, pregnancy, medical illnesses, body image or eating concerns.
  • Relationship issues: romantic relationship difficulties, sexual concerns, roommate problems, family issues, divorce.
  • Developmental issues: identity development, including gender, sexual and racial identity; adjustment to college, graduation and career concerns, life transitions.
  • Other issues including sexual harassment or assault, relationship violence, discrimination and racial trauma, immigration concerns, pornography dependence,

Services we do not provide include:

  • Students for whom short-term counseling would be detrimental or inappropriate for the clinical concern or diagnosis (for example, PTSD, dissociation, addiction, eating disorders, chronic or more complex mental health issues or multiple hospitalizations)
  • Students who desire or need to be seen more frequently or for longer that the CC can provide.
  • Students who are not motivated to engage in treatment as evidenced by lack of attendance at appointments or lack of follow-through on treatment recommendations.
  • Students who are currently receiving counseling from another provider and can continue this established relationship.
  • Students who are mandated by the court or the college to receive counseling.

Other clinical services include:

  • Emergency care and consultation for any student in crisis,
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management for students actively engaged in counseling in the Center,
  • Case management for students needing referrals to off-campus providers or requiring hospitalization.

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