The range of disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed on students includes but is not limited to: warning; educational project; community service; loss of privileges; fines; parental notification; restitution; residence hall re-assignment; residence hall probation; residence hall suspension; residence hall dismissal; counseling or health assessment; no trespass order; stay away order; interim suspension; suspension; dismissal. Sanctions are handled on a case-by-case basis and all sanctions are at the discretion of the administrator or board conducting the conference or hearing.

Emmanuel College reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a student from the College for violation of College policy. In cases where the presence of the student at the College would constitute a danger to themselves or other persons, to property, or to the normal conduct of College activities, a student may be suspended immediately and restricted from all or part of the campus until a disciplinary hearing is held. The student is entitled to discuss the basis for the decision with the College official rendering the interim suspension decision. Final authority over suspension or expulsion rests with the Vice President for Student Affairs. Any one or more of the sanctions listed below may be imposed upon any student or student organization responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct. Additionally the administrator or board may render a sanction not listed but one which would be consistent with the violation.  

Warning: A written notification that the conduct engaged in is inconsistent with College policy and that a future violation may result in a more severe sanction being imposed.  

Educational Project: The development of an activity or event designed to help the student become more aware of College policies, to educate the community about a critical issue and/or to assist the student to understand the inappropriateness of the behavior.  

Community Service: Participation in a specified service activity at the College or in the community for a designated number of hours.

Loss of privileges: Denial of specific privileges for a period of time including but not limited to: residence hall visitation, guest privileges, overnight visitation, housing lottery, participation on an athletic team and/or in a student club or organization, at programs, activities, and ceremonies, etc.   

Probation: A written notification that the behavior or action violated the Student Code of Conduct and that any further action is likely to result in suspension from the residence halls or the College. A specific time period is required when probation is sanctioned.   

Fines: Monetary payment for policy violation.  

Family Notification: Written communication with the parent/guardian that the student was found responsible for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  

Restitution: The student or student organization is required to replace or restore damaged, stolen or misappropriated property or otherwise make amends for the behavior that led to the sanction.  

Residence Hall Re-assignment: Re-assignment to another area and/or residence hall for a specific time period or for the remainder of enrollment.  

Residence Hall Suspension: Separation of the student from the residence halls for a defined period of time, after which the student is eligible to apply for residency. During the time of suspension, it may be specified that the student may not enter the campus residence halls.  

Residence Hall Dismissal: The student is permanently separated from the residence halls and it may be specified that the student may not enter any residence hall during the remainder of the student's tenure at Emmanuel.  

Counseling or Health Assessment: There are times when the behavior a student has exhibited may be a response to some deeper issues or when there may be indications of emotional distress, an eating disorder, substance abuse or other problem that could affect his/her functioning as a member of the Emmanuel College community. The student may be referred to a professional for a series of meetings and/or a general psychological, health and/or substance abuse evaluation. If indicated, the student may be required to follow a treatment plan recommended and/or adhere to a set of behavioral expectations, outlined in a Behavioral Contract, in order to remain a member of the Emmanuel community. Ongoing information may be shared with the Vice President for Student Affairs or Dean of Students or other professionals as needed within the bounds of confidentiality.

Family Meeting: A meeting to discuss student behavior may include administrators, staff, family members and students.

No Trespass: A person may be prohibited from entering a building, residence hall or the campus. Failure to comply with this sanction may result in arrest for tresspassing.

Stay Away Order: The student is prohbited from having any contact—direct, indirect or third party on his/her behalf—with a particular person(s). Contact includes, but is not limited to, mail, e-mail, telephone, text, social media, etc.

Suspension Held in Abeyance: Separation of the student from the residence halls or from the College that is delayed at the time of the sanctioning and invoked with any subsequent violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Interim Suspension: When an individual is considered an imminent threat to either persons and/or property, the Dean of Students or the Vice President for Student Affairs may invoke an immediate interim suspension from housing and/or the College. A student may be temporarily suspended from the residence halls but may be permitted to attend class. In the case of an interim suspension imposed as a result of criminal charges, the suspension may remain in effect until the matter is resolved both off and on campus.

Suspension: Separation of the student from the College for a defined period of time after which the student is eligible to apply for readmission.

Dismissal: Permanent separation of the student from the College, noted on the student's academic transcript.

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