Residence Hall Policies

By choosing to live in the residence halls, Emmanuel College students accept the responsibilities that accompany this decision. While students self-determine many aspects of their living environment, they recognize that common rules establish a foundation for a positive community. This atmosphere affords students the opportunity for individual growth and maturity.

Students are responsible for knowing, understanding and abiding by the following guidelines. Any violations will result in disciplinary action determined by the Director of Residence Life and Housing, Associate Director of Residence Life, an Assistant Director of Residence Life, the Dean of Students or other College official:

• The College reserves the right to relocate a student to another room and/or building.

• The College reserves the right to decide who may or may not stay in the residence halls.

• Students must be in good financial standing in order to move into the residence halls.

• All students must enter and exit the residence hall through the main entrance. Side doors are alarmed 24 hours a day and may be used only as emergency exits. The front doors of the residence hall are locked at all times except when the College deems it appropriate for doors to remain open.

• Residents of the building must use their Emmanuel College ID to gain access to the residence hall. Guests of the building must follow appropriate sign in procedures and will be buzzed in by the front desk staff. A student who does not live in a particular residence hall is considered a visitor and must follow the Visitation Policy as outlined below:

Emmanuel students who wish to visit the public space in St. Ann, Julie, Loretto or St. Joseph Halls (the Foyer Lounge, the Recreation Room, the Kitchen, the Fitness Center, the Health Center, or the offices in the basement of St. Joseph) may be asked to show or surrender their identification card and to follow the procedures established for monitoring the particular facility they are interested in using.