Resident Assistants

The Office of Residence Life and Housing at Emmanuel College employs a select group of students to serve as Resident Assistants in the four on-campus residence halls, as well as any satellite locations that the College may provide as residences. The Resident Assistant's primary mission is to support the living-learning community at Emmanuel College through community building, programming, emergency response, and peer counseling.

The RA Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Peer Counseling: Building community, conflict mediation, crisis intervention, accessibility, approachability, relationship with residents.
  2. Administration: Bulletin boards, promptness, accuracy, communication with supervisor, meeting attendance, duty responsibilities.
  3. Programming: Meeting deadlines, efforts over a desirable range of topic areas, paperwork completed in efficient and timely manner, show's enthusiasm for self and other's programming.
  4. Community Standards: Confronting negative behavior, documentation, modeling positive behavior, enforcing policies, demonstrating awareness, shows support for College policies.
  5. Team Member: Participation/attendance at staff in-services, working cooperatively with staff, supporting building staff activities.
  6. Attitude: Approaches position with enthusiasm, enthusiastic staff member and shows genuine concern for hall residents.

The following provisions are placed on those hired for the Resident Assistant position through the Office of Residence Life and Housing at Emmanuel College.

  • Must maintain and have a current 2.50 cumulative grade point average.
  • A clear judicial record, i.e., must not be on disciplinary probation and must maintain this status throughout the employment period.
  • RAs will live on-campus during the dates of their contract.
  • RAs cannot work more than 20 hours per week beyond the RA job. Any employment, student teaching, internship or other major responsibilities taking the RA out of the residence hall must first be discussed with the ADRD and approved by the Director of Residence Life.
  • RAs cannot hold any position on Residence Hall Association (RHA) and/or Student Government Association (SGA) other than general member.
  • RAs cannot carry more than 18 hours of coursework or more than one evening class per semester unless they receive prior permission from the AD/RD. RAs may be asked to drop classes in excess of the 18-hour limit.
  • An RA is hired for the complete academic year (August through May).
  • RAs are not allowed to leave for break periods until the residence halls are closed.

Resident Assistants are generally hired for the academic year (nine months) and receive:

  • A scholarship equal to 75% of room and board for the first year.
  • A scholarship equal to 100% of room and board during the second and third year of employment.

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