Reaching OUT Retreat

A Retreat for LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, Ally) students on Cape Cod sponsored by OUTspoken and Mission and Ministry.

Reaching OUT is a weekend retreat on Cape Cod led by students for students. The retreat explores individual spirituality in relation to sexual and gender identity and the LBGTQA community. Through conversation and individual time, participants will explore their own relationship with God and their spirituality.

Reaching OUT reflects that “We are all created in God’s image.” At the heart of this principle are three concepts:

  1. Accepting and being proud of your sexuality and who you are.
  2. Understanding God’s true love for us all (whether we are LGBTQ or not)
  3. Taking into account people’s backgrounds, including family life, sexual identity, etc.

With this principle in mind, the retreat gives the opportunity to explore one’s sexuality in relation to spirituality, while experiencing the true love of God.

What students have said about their Reaching OUT experience:

“I wish every LGBTQA student I knew could be here because this weekend was life changing. It was a weekend to reflect on yourself, let go of regrets and meet amazing people that understand you and want to support you. Allies too.”

“Spirituality is a part of every human being. LGBTQs are not exempt from this and need as much attention spiritually as anyone else”.

“It’s a great experience to share your story and make new friends as well as the retreat allows you to express yourself without being judged.”

“This retreat really helped me out with so many perspectives on my life. This retreat is going to be one of the memories I’m never going to forget.”

OUTspoken is an LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, Ally) student organization at Emmanuel College that works to create a safe space for students who identify. OUTspoken works to create a family/community for all sexual and gender identities on campus. Through educational activities, outings, and conversations, OUTspoken works to fight homophobia and transphobia and create a better understanding of self-identity by building a welcoming space for our entire LBGTQA community at Emmanuel College.

Both OUTspoken and Campus Ministry won the Emmanuel College 2012-2013 Student Affairs Award and the Emmanuel College Multicultural Event of the Year Award for the 2012 Reaching OUT retreat.

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