Clubs & Organizations

Special Interest Groups

Have a fun hobby or interest you want to explore? Our special interest groups can help you to find an exciting way to get involved on campus. You can click on any group name to connect with a representative via email or email and we can connect you with the group of your choice!

Chronic Illness Support & Awareness
President: Kendyll Martin
Advisor: Linda Corinne
The purpose of Chronic Illness Support & Awareness Group is to provide a safe space for support and events for students suffering from chronic illness or chronic pain. It also aims to promote awareness around campus of invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Disney Club
President: Riley Breen
Advisor: Christina Hannon
Our mission is to unite people through the love of Disney to relieve stress.

EC Emergency Medical Services (ECEMS)
Presidents: Edir Abid and Jeffrey Malavasi
Advisors: Chief Jack Kelly and Lauren Davis
The mission of Emmanuel College Emergency Medical Services is to promote health and awareness through public health education as well as provide the college with the highest quality of pre-hospital emergency medical care.

EC Superfans
President: Jacob Prewett
Advisor: Kevin Farrell
Our mission is to inspire our athletes on the court, field and track by bringing immense school spirit to our athletic competitions. We aim to do this in a fun way that is inclusive of the entire EC community.

Harry Potter Club
President: Alec Hayes
Advisor: Heather Pierce
Our mission is to bring the Emmanuel community together through our love of Harry Potter while expanding our connections with students throughout the Colleges of the Fenway.

Holy Rollers
President: Emily Hom
Advisor: Alissa Lynch
The purpose of our club is to create a way for students to get out and see Boston, be active, make friends and have fun.

Jpop Anime Kpop Kdrama (JAKK)
President: Teah Dempsey
Advisor: Violetta Ravagnoli
Our mission is to expand the knowledge of Asian pop culture throughout the campus. We also provide entertainment with discussions about the area of interest

Ping Pong Club
President: Travis Smith
Advisor: Dan Roberts
Our mission is to provide a fun and welcoming space for students to play ping pong.

Ringside Fitness
President: Jaxell Negron
Advisor: Jamie Curcio
The mission and purpose of Ringside Fitness Sports Club is to provide students a fun alternative to working out. This sports club will help enhance students' fitness, self-defense skills, confidence, and relieve stress.

Zumba Club
President: Abigail McGovern
Advisors: Leah Kendall and Debra Salcedo
The purpose of the EC Zumba Club is to provide a dance exercise opportunity for Emmanuel Students. The club will provide an opportunity for dance fitness and social engagement of students on campus through weekly classes.