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Internships & Outcomes


Head of the Class

What began as an on-campus job in Emmanuel's student center transformed into a new career path for Jessie—one that brought her to Harvard University this fall, as a master's candidate in higher education administration.

As a shift leader and training coordinator in the Jean Yawkey Center, the psychology major gained managerial skills such as how to unite her student staff with shared goals, how to promote balance and wellbeing and how to develop a team.

"Originally, I thought I would go into human resources, so I applied for an HR internship in the Yawkey Center," she says. "I loved it, but I realized even more than loving what I was doing, I loved who I was doing it with—students."

Jessie also served the student body as a four-year member of the Student Government Association (SGA), including a stint as executive president during her senior year, and as the director of operations for Emmanuel College Dance Marathon (ECDM), a nationwide fundraiser for hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network.

"Through SGA, I learned the importance of pragmatism, the value of differing perspectives and how to think beyond convention," she says. "And through ECDM, I witnessed the tangible impact of teamwork. When we surpassed more than half a million dollars, I saw how we could come together to achieve something others didn't think possible."

When it comes to mentorship, Jessie is also leading from example, paying forward the mentorship offered by Emmanuel's Student Affairs staff.

"I realized the power of higher education, and I knew I wanted to be part of that," she says. "I'm especially interested in studying student development, as well as equity and accessibility for historically underrepresented students. I'm excited to be joining a field of so many talented individuals and strong leaders committed to building a better tomorrow."

My leadership skills really developed during my time at Emmanuel. We have a holistic approach to growth that truly defined my four years.

Jessie Wang '19