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Master of Science in Nursing

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Nursing is a dynamic profession with many rewards and career advancement opportunities to those dedicated to lifelong learning.

Emmanuel College’s Master of Science in Nursing programs will prepare you for your role as a leader by providing you with the skills and experiences to have a greater impact on patients and on the profession of nursing.

Emmanuel College’s Master of Science in Nursing offers two distinctive tracks—Nursing Education and Nursing Administration—allowing students to synthesize practical knowledge and evidence-based practice research with real world training, forging a more successful and purposeful career path. Both tracks include a solid foundation in nursing theory, ethics, leadership, research, diversity, information technology and health care policy and promotion through a set of core classes. An additional four courses in your selected track will provide you with the depth of knowledge and skills.

Within our supportive and engaging classroom environment, you will benefit from rich classroom discussions guided by the perspectives and experience levels of both our esteemed faculty and a diverse student colleagues. Through the College’s longstanding partnership with leading hospitals and healthcare organizations, steps from our campus within the Longwood Medical Area of Boston, you will complete your practicum at a world-class institution.

Education Track

The education track prepares you for a position as a nurse educator, faculty member, staff development coordinator, clinical unit-based teacher or patient educator. In these roles, nurses incorporate evidence-based practices into the training of the next generation of nurses, develop a clinically and culturally competent workforce, establish plans of care for specialized groups of patients and promote health and wellness at a community level. Through your clinical capstone course, you will partner with an advanced nurse educator and focus on the responsibilities of a nurse educator within the healthcare and academic communities with an emphasis on scholarship and service.

Administration Track

Through the administration track, you will obtain the advanced skills needed for a position as a nurse executive or administrator, nursing director, nurse manager, case manager, coordinator of clinical research projects or project director. Expand your horizons outside the hospital setting, to leadership roles in public health departments, colleges, long-term care and assisted living facilities, hospices and home care, among others. Through your clinical capstone course, you will partner with a middle or senior nurse manager to develop core competencies various aspects of administration including consultation and collaboration, human resources, quality improvement, risk management, budget management and leadership.

MSN Program Outcomes

Emmanuel College’s Department of Nursing faculty affirms as organizing foundational components Beliefs, Professional Role, Knowing and Caring.


Integrates personal and professional values, which stem from spiritual, moral-ethical, social and cultural tenets, traditions and practices that guide professional practice.

Program Outcome

Synthesize spiritual, moral, and ethical reflection, values clarification, and discerning leadership into a personal philosophy of nursing for the role of nurse educator or manager/administrator to effect positive outcomes for vulnerable populations within the context of their environments.

Professional Role

Synthesizes nursing's historical roots with state of the art knowledge and skills for the purpose of advocating for health and wellness locally and globally. The role requires individual empowerment, interprofessional collaboration, leadership, consultative skills, and accountability to society and peers.

Program Outcome

Assume accountability for the use of leadership, management, teaching, interprofessional collaboration, consultation, health policy analysis, quality improvement, advanced clinical skills and responsible citizenship to advocate for high quality health promotion and systems of care.


Analyzes and synthesizes through the process of scholarly inquiry the body of knowledge used in the discipline of nursing. Knowing requires the use of reflection, critical thinking, ethical analysis and collaboration in the engagement of scholarly nursing practice.

Program Outcome

Practice as an expert professional nurse in a role that synthesizes scholarly inquiry in nursing and other disciplines, research, and clinical knowledge within a theoretical and conceptual framework.


Incorporates the culture of nursing into a relationship between the caregiver and individuals, families, and communities locally and globally resulting in the achievement of mutually desired outcomes on the health/illness continuum. Caring requires an intentional process that uses respect, connection, competency, empathy and advocacy as linkages with the requirements of knowing.

Program Outcome

Design, implement, evaluate and improve nursing practice, education and administration/management that integrates caring concepts into therapeutic relationships with vulnerable populations locally and globally.

New to the Nursing Program

Expand your global perspective of nursing by participating in a travel abroad experience in Florence Italy. Through this unique partnership, you will experience and develop an understanding of the culture and healthcare system of Italy.

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