Moderate Disabilities Certificate Program

Emmanuel College's Education Department is now offering a certificate in moderate disabilities

The three-course program provides licensed educators with content in strategies for teaching students with disabilities and diverse learning styles.  

The courses and seminar meet the following competencies for an add-on Moderate Disabilities license:

  • Educational terminology for students with mild to moderate disabilities;
  • Preparation, implementation, and evaluation of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs);
  • Design or modification of curriculum, instructional materials, and general education classroom environments for students with moderate disabilities;
  • Federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to special education;
  • Coverage of Knowledge of services provided by other agencies;
  • Ways to prepare and maintain students with disabilities for general education classrooms;
  • Instruction on the appropriate use of augmentative and alternative communication and other assistive technologies.

Applicants must provide undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts. Prior to acceptance, a transcript review will be conducted to determine that previous course work addressed license required content and competencies. 

Emmanuel's certificate program requires successful completion of testing and coursework:
EDUC 5401: Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC 5750: Teaching Students with Disabilities for General Education Professionals
EDUC 5762: Moderate Disabilities Practicum/ Seminar (150-hour practicum) Candidates must pass required MTEL (Massachusetts Teacher Educator License) for this add-on license prior to endorsement.


Questions? E-mail or call 617-735-9700.

Graduate Credit* (3 credits) rate based on college graduate tuition

*Catholic School teachers: Current teachers receive a 40% graduate credit tuition discount 

  • EDUC 5401 Child and Adolescent Development October 30 -December 17
  • EDUC 5750 Teaching Students with Disabilities for General Education Professional Jan -Feb 2018
  • EDUC 5752 Moderate Disabilities Practicum/Seminar March -April 2018