Courses and Degree Requirements

Student progress through the nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree program is self-paced. Calendar time for program completion of our BSN courses is based upon student choice of a full-time or part-time program of study and transfer credit evaluation. All modified accelerated BSN courses include a major element of independent study; classes meet six times over the semester.

All BSN courses are 4 credits unless noted otherwise.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major Courses (10 courses/36 credits)

  • NURS3101 Concepts of Professional Practice
  • NURS3103 Health Assessment
  • NURS3105 Research in Nursing Practice
  • NURS3107 Leadership and Professional Roles in Nursing
  • NURS3108 Nursing Informatics and Computer Applications
  • NURS3111 Public Health and the Professional Nurse
  • NURS3113 Diversity in Health Care (2 credits)
  • NURS3115 Contemporary Healing Interventions (2 credits)
  • NURS3117 Health Promotion in Nursing Practice
  • NURS4170 Health Promotion Practicum
  • NURS4171 Senior Seminar

​Prerequisite Courses (6 courses/ 24 credits)

Scientific Inquiry:

  • BIOL2135 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL2137 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIOL3127 Microbiology

Social Analysis:

  • SOC1101 Introduction to Sociology
  • PSYCH1501 General Psychology
  • PSYCH2303 Child and Adolescent Psychology

General Studies (8 courses/ 32 credits)​

  • ​Foundation Skills (2 courses)
  • ENGL1308 Writing for Nursing Professionals

Quantitative Analysis (one course)

  • MATH6117 Introduction to Statistics

Religious Thought (select one course)

  • THRS6110 Religion: The Human Search for Meaning
  • THRS6111 Introduction to World Religions

Moral Reasoning, Aesthetic Inquiry & Historical Consciousness (select 2 courses)

  • ART6201 Topics in Western Art History
  • ENGL 6205 Introduction to Literature
  • HIST6111 Western Civilization I
  • HIST6113 Western Civilization II
  • HIL6101 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL2605 Ethics and Health Care Law

General Elective (select 2 courses)

Total Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree: 128 credits
A total of 48 credits must be completed at Emmanuel, including all of the Nursing Major Courses.

Upon completion of the Concepts of Professional Practice course, 36 credits will be transferred from the student's associate degree or diploma program.

View the 2014-2015 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.