COVID-19 Testing Statistics

To further ensure the health and safety of our community, the College will continue a COVID-19 surveillance testing program for the Fall 2021 semester. Emmanuel College has contracted with the Broad Institute, an internationally respected biomedical research center, to manage this vital component of our campus operations.

Below, you may access Emmanuel's COVID-19 testing results based on tests administered to Emmanuel students, faculty and staff at the College’s Testing Center. This dashboard is updated every Friday. For more information about Emmanuel's testing requirements, visit the FAQs linked below.

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Data Definitions:
  1. Total Tests Performed: the cumulative number of tests performed as of updated date.
  2. Total Positive Tests: the cumulative number of positive tests reported as of updated date.
  3. Total Negative Tests: the cumulative number of negative tests reported as of updated date.
  4. % Received within 24 Hours: Percentage of all test results returned from the Broad Institute within 24 hours of delivery to the lab.
  5. New Positive Tests: Total number of new positive test results received within the last 7 days of date updated.
  6. Students in Campus Isolation: Total number of students in campus isolation spaces as of date updated.
  7. Percent Positive – Recent: Percentage of tests administered in the 7 days before date updated that were positive.
  8. Percent Positive – All Time: Percentage of all tests administered since testing began at the Emmanuel College Testing Center (10/26/20) that were positive.
  9. Emmanuel College and Massachusetts Positive Case Percent – Past 14 Days
    • Emmanuel Percent: 7-day average of positive cases by day for the past 14 days, Emmanuel College Testing Center
    • Massachusetts Percent: 7-day average of positive cases by day for the past 14 days, COVID-19 Response Reporting
  10. Testing by Day – Past 14 Days
    • # Tests Positive: Number of positive test results received by day for the 14 days before date updated
    • # Tests Performed: Number of tests administered by day for the 14 days before date updated

Why Do Total Tests Performed Not equal Total Positive Tests plus Total Negative Tests?

  • Test results may be received up to 24 hours after they are received by the lab, so positive and negative totals for a given day may trail the total number of tests taken.
  • Some test results are returned as inconclusive and require a person to re-test. Inconclusive tests are not included in either the positive or the negative test totals.

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