October 20, 2021

EmmanuelForward Update: October 20, 2021

As we reach the midpoint of the fall semester, we are grateful to our entire College community for remaining attentive to COVID-19 protocols. Our ongoing efforts as a community have enabled us to continue classes without disruption and to hold events and activities on campus, including a vibrant Family Weekend. Currently, our seven-day COVID-19 positivity rate is a low 0.05%—a testament to our shared commitment to health and safety. Still, we have not yet seen significant declines in COVID-19 numbers at the city and state levels. As a result, safety guidelines remain in place throughout our campus


Masking in classrooms will remain in place for the entire semester. Masking in all other indoor spaces, for now, remains mandatory for all, regardless of vaccination status. Changes in policies for non-classroom spaces will be assessed in November based on the latest public health data and guidance from the City of Boston. Please note, there is still an indoor mask mandate in all public places within the city.

Guest Policies

Since the onset of the semester, residence hall overnight visitation has been limited to other on-campus residents only. This policy will remain in effect given that there is continued uncertainty related to city- and state-wide COVID-19 cases. Commuter students can visit during regular hours, which are Sunday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., and Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

All other external guests, including COF students, are not permitted within residence hall rooms but are able to visit in other common areas on campus, as well as outdoors.

Testing & Symptom Checking

COVID-19 testing, and daily symptom checks via the CoVerified app, remain mandatory. Those who are vaccinated must test once per week. Those with an approved vaccine exemption, as well as student-athletes, must test twice per week. For questions about testing, please contact COVIDupdates@emmanuel.edu.

Additional Reminders & Recommendations

With the Red Sox in the post season, and Halloween less than two weeks away, we continue to caution our community to avoid large gatherings, especially while unmasked. Data indicates that large social gatherings, especially those involving drinking, are contributing to breakthrough COVID-19 cases.

It is also strongly recommended that all members of the community receive a flu shot. Symptoms of both the flu and the common cold are often similar to those of COVID-19, so minimizing the risk of any virus is important during the upcoming winter months. Students may contact Health Services at 617-264-7678, or local pharmacies like CVS, to schedule a shot.

Please continue to send your questions to emmanuelforward@emmanuel.edu.

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