October 7, 2020

A Message from the Vice President of Student Affairs: Spring 2021 Campus Housing

Dear Members of the Emmanuel College Community,

As we communicated on September 22nd, the College is actively engaged in completing preparations for a safe return to our Boston campus for the Spring 2021 semester. The College is collaborating with peer institutions, as well as state and city agencies, on best practices for minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. To that end, we have focused planning efforts around: the need for de-densified facilities; rigorous testing, contact tracing and isolation/quarantine protocols; and the development of clear expectations for our community’s behavior, including the adherence to social distancing and use of masks both on and off campus.

Today, we are sharing information on how these safety measures impact repopulating our residence halls. Given the need for dedicated space for isolation and quarantine, and for proper physical distancing in all areas of campus, all rooms in St. Joseph Hall, St. Ann Hall and Loretto Hall will be single occupancy. The New Residence Hall apartments will be used as designed, with four students per two-bedroom apartment and one student per studio. We believe this configuration provides the safest environment possible for resident students.

While our preference would certainly be to invite back all students who desire to live on campus, public health guidelines dictate that we be limited with our resident numbers. The initial criteria that will be used to prioritize housing assignments includes (in order): academic programs for junior and senior majors which require on-campus facilities such as studios and laboratories; sophomore nursing majors; first-year students; and seniors.

Housing eligibility for returning students is based on the initial 2020-2021 housing assignment (as of May 2020) and, for first-year students, those who indicated an interest in living on campus.

These priority groups will be contacted directly by the Office of Residence Life & Housing to confirm Spring 2021 housing intentions and to provide more details about the process. The forthcoming housing opt-in form will be due no later than Friday, October 16th. Following this deadline, an assessment of housing vacancies available for those outside of priority groups will occur, and a process for next steps will be communicated. Students who are not within the priority housing groups and are unable to commute to campus will have the ability to select online learning options during registration in November.

Please continue to e-mail us at emmanuelforward@emmanuel.edu with your questions, and we will provide as much detail as possible. In the coming weeks, you can also expect to receive more detailed information on the academic calendar, registration and course formats, as well as our testing plans for both residents and commuters.

In the meantime, we wish you a successful continuation of the fall semester.

Dr. Joseph Onofrietti
Vice President for Student Affairs

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