Voices of Emmanuel

Adam Pinheiro '17

Major: Graphic Design/Art History minor
Graduation Year: 2017
Internship Title: Art of the Americas Intern
Internship Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“My internship is very fast-paced. In a second, I could have several jobs on my desk, where there were none moments before. The internship has taught me to work efficiently within time parameters, to budget my time and to execute a job professionally.”
—Adam Pinheiro ‘17

A Graphic Design major with a minor in Art History, Adam secured an internship that lets him gain valuable experience working in a major metropolitan art museum. He is an intern in the Art of the Americas department at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, performing critical tasks that keep the department running and assisting top administrators and curators on case studies and proposals. After graduation from Emmanuel, Adam is moving to Washington, D.C. to begin his career in graphic design. Eventually, he plans to pursue graduate studies in American Art.

KeYana Reid