Hi everybody!

This is Zach writing to you from the cardiology clinic at Boston Children's Hospital; but before I tell you about my awesome job, let me tell you a little bit about how I got here. I'm a proud Emmanuel College alum from the Class of 2013, and I cannot stress enough how my decision to choose Emmanuel College as my alma mater has positively shaped my life in a way far beyond what I could have imagined.

Thinking back to 2010 when I graduated from high school, I was admittedly pretty careless about choosing a college. I picked the first school I looked at, and soon realized that I was neither engaged in the school community nor was I happy with my life there. That was when I decided to get serious about selecting a school that was not only academically elite, but well-rounded in nurturing all aspects of my social, intellectual and professional life. After a thorough search, Emmanuel College emerged as the clear-cut frontrunner for me.

Once I transferred schools, Emmanuel helped me to embark upon a journey that would turn my life around a full 180 degrees.  Classes were challenging but exciting, and teachers always made an effort to nurture personal relationships that let me know I was important to them. I was soon able to get involved on campus with a job as the voice announcer at sports games, become president of the business club, assist in establishing a professional group on campus known as the 1804 Society, and become involved with liturgical ministry among many other endeavors. Compared to my old school, Emmanuel made it so easy to get involved and develop lasting relationships on campus that in no time the Emmanuel community felt like my second family and the campus became my second home.

By my senior year at Emmanuel, my professional skill set and network throughout the greater Boston community had grown so strong that finding an internship and job proved to be a simple task. By working with the career development office as well as networking with my professors, I was able to land an internship in the Technology Innovation Development Office at Boston Children's Hospital, and upon graduation was promoted to a full-time Service Representative position in the hospital's world-renown Children's Heart Foundation. I'm currently living out my dream of helping sick children from all around the world at the world's top ranked children's hospital, and I owe that almost exclusively to my experience at Emmanuel.

If you're seeking to become part of a diverse, exciting and close-knit community that will unfailingly support you in reaching your personal and professional goals, then this is the place for you! With Emmanuel as your home and Boston as your playground, these next four years will undoubtedly be some that you will never forget! 


Zach Raffa