Who We Are

The Emmanuel Promise

We are Emmanuel College, a community with a lifelong passion for teaching and learning that believes education will create a just and better world.

We believe that education changes people. It transforms their lives. It opens doors.

We challenge our faculty and students to take a rigorous and exacting approach to learning, teaching, scholarship and research.  

We believe in the enduring value of a liberal arts and sciences education. We mine the rich resources of science and health care around us. We build gateways to that world on campus.

We challenge ourselves to act. To lead. To give generously to others.

We believe that education is inclusive, that the world of ideas demands diversity.

We believe in the transformative power of real-world experience through internships, service learning, travel and opportunities abroad.

We believe that Boston offers incomparable opportunities for fun, for growth, and for serving.

We believe that education is the greatest work on earth. This belief is our rock; it is the legacy of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, the backbone of our Catholic academic tradition.

To the entering, first-year student eager to gain the knowledge of the past and skills for the future and who is perhaps a little nervous, we say, we believe in you.

To the graduate, prepared for a lifetime of leadership, global engagenent and profound purpose, we say, we believe in you.

We are a community of believers. A community with a strong sense of mission, a vibrant and confident faith and a joyful spirit.

We are Emmanuel College. We believe. We challenge. We transform.