Teaching Tools

EC Learn is the e-learning platform used in all Emmanuel College courses. EC Learn (also known as Canvas) is designed to be intuitive to use and can be integrated with Google Docs and social networking sites. It also offers more standard features, including online assignment and quiz submission, discussion forums, virtual class meetings and learning modules. For more information on EC Learn, check out our Orientations to EC Learn for Faculty and for Students.


Turnitin is the plagiarism checker software integrated with EC Learn. It provides originality scores and reports and can be used for providing feedback to students. It also has peer review capabilities separate from EC Learn. For more information, you can check out our Orientation to Turnitin for Faculty.

Response Clickers

TurningPoint response clickers can be used in class sessions to poll students, collect answers to examples and practice questions, and assess student comprehension during a lecture. It is integrated with PowerPoint and can also be used as a separate application. If you are interested in purchasing an instructor kit or learning how to use response clickers in your course, please contact us at at@emmanuel.edu. Student clicker sets are available for purchase in the campus bookstore.


ePortfolios are a way for your students to showcase their work and document experience in a digital format. We typically recommend Google Sites for ePortfolios, though there are other options available depending on your needs. If you would like to use ePortfolios in your courses, please contact us at at@emmanuel.edu and we can discuss training for you and your students.


Class wikis allow your students to work collaboratively on documents for group authoring or data collection, share knowledge and reference information, and participate in sign-ups. In EC Learn, the “Pages” tool can be used as a wiki. If you are interested in using a different wiki platform, please contact us at at@emmanuel.edu to discuss your assignment needs.

Class Blogs

Class blogs can be used in a variety of ways, including enabling students to share and comment on each others’ responses to topics similar to a discussion forum or to journal their progress on a project. If you would like to use blogs in your courses, please contact us (at@emmanuel.edu) and we can discuss the options that would best suit your needs.


RefWorks is citation software integrated with your browser. An advantage of this system is its integration with Microsoft Word through the Write-N-Cite plug-in. To create your own account, go to http://www.refworks.com/refworks from any computer on campus—or connected to the campus by VPN—and create a new account using your Emmanuel College e-mail address. If you have questions about using the software and citing materials, please contact a reference librarian at the Cardinal Cushing Library.

Academic Software (SPSS, Qualtrics, Schrodinger, etc)

ATIG and the academic departments offer licenses for academic use of a broad range of software. If you would like to request that software be purchased and are a faculty member or staff member who manages department-owned software, you can do so using our online form. We can also answer best practice and technical questions about commonly used applications.