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July 27, 2015

Business Students Kelly '16 and Wilsey '16 Find Value in Research and Internships

Accounting major David Wilsey '16 and financial economics (individualized) major Justin Kelly '16 have conducted research on mortgages with Assistant Professor of Economics Shuyi Jiang on campus while interning at Entercom and Merrill Lynch.

Justin Kelly '16 and David Wilsey '16

Accounting major David Wilsey '16 and financial economics (individualized) major Justin Kelly '16 have always had an interest in pursuing a business-related concentration and have wanted to be part of an industry that not only provides a variety of job opportunities, but one that lays a solid background of knowledge to succeed in the competitive business world.

Since May of 2014, rising seniors Wilsey and Kelly - who live in the Fenway neighborhood - have taken advantage of their proximity to campus even in the summer months to work alongside Assistant Professor of Economics Shuyi Jiang to conduct research on the housing market. The research team is determining the thought process consumers go through when making a decision on their mortgage. Each student said the best part of the research is getting to work with Professor Jiang.

"She is a very intelligent and kind person, who is always willing to give career advice," Wilsey said.

Kelly added, "She has helped me understand many things that I have not learned in the classroom, as well as given me advice for my future."

Outside of the research, Wilsey has landed two internships during his time at Emmanuel. This summer, he is an accounting intern at radio parent company Entercom Boston, which he got with the help of the Emmanuel Career Center's internship/job listing site, HireSaints. In this position, he helps a staff accountant and senior accountant with accounts payable and receivable. Prior to this internship, Wilsey interned last fall at Merrill Lynch as a client representative where he kept track of his advisor's portfolio and researched new business opportunities. Wilsey learned of the internship opportunity through finance (individualized) major and fellow Business Club member Kathryn Coburn '15, who interned with the company during the spring and summer of 2014. Along with being in the club, Wilsey will be an Academic Resource Center peer tutor for a financial accounting class during the Fall 2015 semester.

"The most important thing that I have learned through my internships is that the people and culture at the company are extremely important for job satisfaction. My supervisors have been good teachers in the workplace, which really added to the experience," Wilsey said.

At the same time as Wilsey, Kelly also interned at Merrill Lynch and worked with a wealth manager. He helped manage clients' portfolios, read financial reports, find ways to expand clientele and met with clients to discuss their financial stability. He also got the internship through Coburn, who was the Business Club president and working for the company at the time. Outside of classes and his internship, Kelly is also a member of the Accounting Club, a member of the Saints Men's lacrosse team and works security at Fenway Park.

"I learned a lot from my internship, not all of it was finance-oriented though. The wealth manager that I worked under gave me a lot of advice on what courses and path I should take with my life to lead me to the career that I am looking for," Kelly said.

He has enjoyed his experience within Emmanuel's business program because "it provides the opportunity to apply business concepts in creative ways, such as group projects. In financial management, for example, we used the course material to make an in-depth report on a publicly traded company."

Wilsey is currently looking for more internship opportunities to explore different areas within accounting. He is considering taking the CFA exam to become a chartered financial analyst and potentially getting a master's degree in finance.

Overall, Kelly has been happy with his Emmanuel experience. He has enjoyed developing close relationships with his professors, as well as his times with friends and teammates.

"Emmanuel has been an unforgettable experience so far," he said.