Do It Yourself

Post an Event 
Post your event on and your events will pull into the calendar on the homepage of and will also appear on the monitors around campus. For more information watch our video tutorial.

Edit Your Web Pages
Edit and update your web pages using the College's Content Management System. To request access, contact

Start an Emmanuel College Blog
Read our blog guidelines and learn more about getting started. To request a new blog visit

Publication Templates
Create your own flyers, invitations and small booklets through our online print store. To request access, contact

To place an order for standard Emmanuel College stationery, please contact

To order department-specific letterhead and envelopes, please contact the Office of Marketing + Communications (OMC).

Business Cards
Business cards are available to most College employees. To place a new or reprint order, please fill out the form below. Your request will be sent directly to Human Resources.


Business Card Order Form:

All of the fields below are required. It is your responsibility to make sure all of the information is correct. If you are a new hire and are unsure of any of your information, please contact Human Resources for assistance.

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