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Faculty Highlights for February 2014

February 6, 2014

Read the latest on faculty honors, publications, presentations and more.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ben Allen co-authored a published research article entitled, "Spatial dilemmas of diffusible public goods," with Jeff Gore and Martin A. Nowak. An abstract of the article published in eLife can be found here.

Professor of Psychology Joyce Benenson and co-author Henry Markovits' book, Warriors and Worriers: The Survival of the Sexes, was published by Oxford University Press.

Senior Associate Dean and Professor of History Lisa Krissoff Boehm recently wrote a chapter in Italian Women in Chicago, and her book, America's Urban History, will be published in 2014. This past fall, she presented papers at a conference on domestic workers in Linz, Austria, and presented a chapter of her new book at the Social Science History Association Conference in Chicago, Ill.

Assistant Professor of Biology Padraig Deighan co-authored a research paper entitled, "Mycobacterial mistranslation is necessary and sufficient for rifampicin phenotypic resistance," published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Assistant Professor of History Chad Diehl published an article, "Envisioning Nagasaki: From 'Atomic Wasteland' to 'International Cultural City,' 1945-1950" in Urban History.

Assistant Professor of History Jeffrey Fortin co-authored and published a volume with Mark Meuwese entitled Atlantic Biographies: Individuals and Peoples in the Atlantic World.

Assistant Professor of Sociology Janese Free is working with a group of students from SHOWA Institute to raise awareness of global inequality and poverty. In December, she spoke to the class about global inequality, social justice and her volunteer work in Haiti. Since then, the students have organized several educational presentations and events and have raised more than $700 for an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

From January 9th-11th, Assistant Professor of Theology + Religious Studies Laurie Johnston attended the Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics in Seattle, Wash. She gave a panel presentation entitled, "Women in Combat: What difference does it make?" and also served as co-chair of the Junior Faculty Caucus meeting at the conference.

Associate Professor of History and Department Chair Javier Marion reviewed Scott Eastman's book, Preaching Spanish Nationalism across the Hispanic Atlantic, 1759-1823. His review will appear in Contracorriente, an electronic journal on Latin American social history and literature.

Visiting Assistant Professor of English Andrea McDonnell's review of Laura Shepherd's book, Gender, Violence, and Popular Culture: Telling Stories, was published in the December 2013 issue of the Journal of American Culture.

Assistant Professor of Economics and Department Chair Rebecca Moryl and students Kathryn Coburn '15 and Jacob Dennis '16 have been invited to present their paper, "Opportunities and obstacles to local economic development," at the 44th Annual Urban Affairs Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas, in March.

On October 25th, Associate Professor of History Melanie Murphy presented a paper entitled "The controversial burial of Tamerlan Tsarnaev" at the Northeast Popular Culture Conference at St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vt.

Associate Professor of English David Palumbo's article, "Mary Wollstonecraft, Jonathan Swift, and the Passion in Reading," was reviewed in the Spring 2013 issue of The Scriblerian and the Kit-Cats, a news journal dedicated to Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift and their contemporaries.

On February 12th, Associate Professor of English Mary Beth Pope will read from her book, Divining Venus: Stories, with authors Jessica Keener and Gina Frangello at the Brookline Booksmith. The event starts at 7:00 p.m. and will be followed by a book signing.

On January 16th, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Christine Sample gave a research presentation, "Asymmetric population structure alters the molecular clock," at the Joint Mathematics Meeting conference in Baltimore, Md. She presented joint work with Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ben Allen, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair Yulia Dementieva, Christopher Paoletti '14 and Ruben Medeiros '14.

The work of Professor of Art Kathy Soles and three other artists is currently on display in a small group exhibition entitled Geographical Point, which opened in Dorchester, Mass., on February 1st. The exhibition will remain open until March 8th.

Mathematics Lecturer Brendan Sullivan's mathematics crosswords puzzle, "What do you study?" was published in Mathematical Association of America Mathematics Magazine. Copies of the puzzle can be found at the magazine's website.