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Faculty Highlights for April 2014

April 17, 2014

Read the latest on faculty honors, publications, presentations and more.

Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages José Ignacio Alvarez-Fernández was awarded a grant by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, together with the Instituto Cervantes, the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Bank of Santander, to support a lecture given by prestigious Spanish writers Antonio Muñoz Molina and Elvira Lindo. This lecture took place at the Fong Auditorium at Harvard University on February 20th.

Lecturer in Biology Liliana Busconi, Jud Hill and science majors Jenna Whalen '15, Sheila Drakeley '16, Amelia McGuire '16, Kaitlyn Kelly '15, Katherine Fazioli '17, Devin Rauh '16, Joanna Bercume '16 and Laura Coughlin '14 completed a spring series of science experiences designed to "inspire and engage" middle school girls to STEM fields of study. The program brought 14 girls from the Tobin K-8 School, Mission Grammar and Mother Caroline Academy to the Emmanuel College campus to participate in laboratory experiences. The program is supported by the Caroline A. Lynch Foundation.

A selected group of Assistant Professor of English and Global Studies Monique-Adelle Callahan's translations of 19th-century poets Auta de Souza and Cristina Ayala were featured in a special issue of Obsidian released this spring. Callahan's own work was also featured in this same issue: "Revelation" (mixed media on canvas) and "Donna" (acrylic on canvas). Her poems, "Feeling Good" and "Key on a string around her neck," were published in the anthology Verse/Chorus: A Call and Response Anthology (Orange Monkey Press, Feb. 2014).

Lecturer in Sociology Rose De Luca served as a member of the International Advisory Board for The Associated Press (AP) Collections Online. These collections, released in February, March and April 2014, cover news features from the 20th century and "document AP's inner workings" in News Features and Internal Communications (1940s and beyond); US City Bureaus (1931-2004); and the Washington DC Bureau (1939-2009).

Associate Professor of Art and Department Chair Cynthia Fowler and 12 students in her Catholic Art course spent 10 days in Ireland during spring break, with time spent in Dublin and Cork, and a day on the Dingle Peninsula. Students had the opportunity to see firsthand many of the works they had been studying in class prior to the trip. In addition to the tours of many Irish art galleries, other cultural activities included a play at the Abbey Theatre and a movie at the Irish Film Institute.

Assistant Professors of Sociology Janese Free and Katrin Križ were invited to contribute a book chapter on decision-making in court foster care hearings in the U.S. to an edited comparative/international book on Socio-legal Models of Care Order Proceedings: Examining Child Protection Decision-Making. (Target press is OUP.)

Two students in Assistant Professor of Chemistry Aren Gerdon's research group traveled to the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Dallas, Texas, in March to present their work. Jason Leavitt '14 presented "In silico investigation into the conformational effects of phosphorylation in amelogenin proteins" and Victoria Perrone '14 presented "Calcium phosphate mineralization using nanoparticle templates as a research lab for undergraduate students."

Assistant Professor of Nursing Terri Jabaley has been invited to give the Distinguished Speaker Address at the Sigma Theta Tau International Pi Epsilon at Large Chapter's Induction Ceremony on Friday, April 4th, at Regis College.

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair Christine Jaworek-Lopes served as Chemical Education (CHED) Programming co-chair at the 247th National Meeting of the ACS in Dallas, Texas. A total of 1630 papers were accepted to the CHED Division for this meeting and were distributed over 47 half-day sessions for oral presentations and two poster presentations. Jaworek-Lopes presented a poster entitled, "An introductory physical properties laboratory utilizing materials used in jewelry-making," at the CHED General Poster Session on March 16th, and two of her research students, Kelly Tan '14 and Melanie Wieler '15, presented "Preliminary analysis of tattoo inks: Heavy metal composition and photodecomposition of pigments" on March 17th.

Associate Professor of Sociology Katrin Križ and co-author Marit Skivenes's article, "Street-level Policy Aims of Child Welfare Workers in England, Norway and the United States," was accepted by the journal Children and Youth Services Review.

Associate Professor of Theology + Religious Studies ad Department Chair Fr. Thomas Leclerc, M.S. gave two presentations for the Adult Education program at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Cambridge: "In the Beginning: Stories of Creation" on March 19th and "Abraham and the [Near] Sacrifice of Isaac" on March 26th.

Associate Professor of Psychology and Department Chair Linda Lin presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association entitled, "Muscle Dysmorphia and the Perception of Peer Muscularity Norms in College Men." She also co-authored three poster presentations with Emmanuel students. The first was entitled, "How do peer groups influence men's muscularity ideals?" which was co-authored with Amy Denuzzio '14. The second, "The accuracy of college men's perceptions of ideal muscularity and steroid use," was co-authored with Meghann Soby '16. The third was entitled, "Evidence of pluralistic ignorance in men's estimates of muscularity norms," and was co-authored with Victoria Kachinki '15.

Visiting Assistant Professor of English Andrea McDonnell's article with Assistant Professor of Psychology Clare Mehta, "We could never be friends: Representing cross-sex friendship on celebrity gossip websites," has been accepted for publication with the APA journal, Psychology of Popular Media Culture. Additionally, McDonnell's reviews of Television and the Self: Knowledge, Identity, and Media Representation (2013) by Ryan, K.M. and Macey, D. A. (Eds) and of Mediated Maternity: Contemporary American Portrayals of Bad Mothers in Literature and Popular Culture (2013) by Linda Seidel appear in the March issue of The Journal of American Culture. McDonnell will be presenting a colloquium in the department of Communication at the University of Michigan on April 3rd. The talk entitled, "Ambiguously Truthful: Veracity and Truthiness in Celebrity Gossip Magazines," is drawn from her forthcoming book, Reading Celebrity Gossip Magazines.

Professor of Nursing Janice Bell Meisenhelder, DNSc, RN, presented original research, "Journaling as an Intervention: A Case Study of Spiritual Coping," in a poster presentation at the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Theta-At-Large Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau at Boston University on March 30th. She also gave an invited podium presentation, "Socializing for Civility: Positive Strategies for Empowered Practice," at the 7th Annual Symposium of the North Eastern Organization of Nurse Educators, April 4th in Woburn, Mass.

Professor of Political Science Marie Natoli has the following scholarly achievements:

  • "Au Revoir Voir Dire and Other Socioeconomic Disparities in the U. S. Legal System," New England Law Review, Fall 2013
  • Paper presentation, European International Conference, IJAS, "There's Trouble in River City, and that River is the Potomac: Stagnation in Washington, D. C." Valletta, Malta, March 2014
  • "A Water Shed Election: The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, Politics and Policies," International Journal of Arts and Sciences.

Associate Professor of English Mary Beth Pope presented a workshop titled, "Structure as Springboard in Literary Short Fiction" at the New Hampshire Writers' Project Conference in Manchester on March 22nd. Her book, Divining Venus: Stories, was also chosen as "Book of the Week" by Dufour Editions.

Associate Professor of Physics Allen Price and three students (Briana Mousley '15, Elsie Helou '15 and Stefano Gambino '16) presented two posters at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco, Calif., February 15th-19th. The posters were entitled, "Tethered Particle Motion for Undergraduates" and "Measuring Kinetics of DNA Cleavage with Single Molecule Resolution."

Professor of Chemistry Faina Ryvkin was a recipient of a 2014 Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation grant for her research project, "Sharashka Phenomenon in the History of Soviet Science and Technology." The primary focus of the project will be on the role played by imprisoned scientists (Soviet and foreign) in furthering Soviet science and the human cost in the scientific discoveries and accomplishments of the regime.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry R. Bryan Sears served as the organizer and presider of "Developing Inorganic Curriculum at the Undergraduate Level" at the 247th ACS National Meeting in Dallas, Texas. He presented a paper entitled, "Early integration of scientific critique and writing in undergraduate inorganic chemistry curriculum," during this session. The letters of support for the recipient and the project were submitted by Professor of History Lisa Boehm, Vice President of Student Affairs Pat Rissmeyer, Associate Professor of History Melanie Murphy and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Aren Gerdon.

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education Kimberly Sofronas, Brianna Wiseman '15 (mathematics and education major), Sam Escolas '15 (mathematics major) and Nicholas Gorgievski presented a preliminary research report on the role of approximation in the first-year calculus curriculum at the 17th Annual Conference of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education in Denver, Colo., on February 27th-March 1st. Student travel to the conference was partially funded by the Carolyn A. Lynch Foundation.

Associate Professor of Theology + Religious Studies Jon Paul Sydnor presented a paper on the Christian doctrine of the social Trinity and the Mahayana Buddhist doctrine of emptiness at "The Promise of Pluralism," a conference held at Wake Forest University in early March.