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A Cappella at Emmanuel: Featuring Acapocalypse and For Good Measure

March 26, 2014

Recently at Emmanuel, a cappella groups have become increasingly popular—as with the rest of the nation.

Recently at Emmanuel, a cappella groups have become increasingly popular--as with the rest of the nation. From pop-culture shows such as "Glee" and "American Idol," or major productions such as the film "Pitch Perfect," a cappella has definitely become a topic of interest for college students.

Here at EC, there are two a cappella groups--For Good Measure and Acapocalypse. Both groups were founded in 2010 and participate in local events, both on and off campus.

For Good Measure (FGM) is an all-female group, currently consisting of ten sopranos and 11 altos. These talented female vocalists recently placed first in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) Northeast Quarterfinal, and they will be moving onto semifinals at the Berklee Performance Center on March 29, 2014.

FGM member Liz O'Malley '14 has been a member since the group's founding in 2010. As FGM moves towards their next competition, O'Malley said, "I'm really excited for semifinals! Because I've been here since the start of the group, it's really rewarding to see four years of hard work pay off in such an amazing way."

Another FGM member, Jill Vaccaro '14 has also been a member since the startup of the group in 2010. Similar to O'Malley, Vaccaro stated that, "It has been so amazing to see how much FGM has grown over the past 4 years...these girls have become my second family."

Clearly, these a cappella groups provide for a cohesion of various people, all sharing the interest and love of singing. These groups allow for an establishment of friendships and an intimate circle where the singers can take time away from their academics, while still being involved in an educational, on-campus activity. Not only is this true for FGM, but it's also validated for EC's other group, Acapocalypse.

Acapocalypse differs from FGM in that it is a co-ed group comprised of 13 members. They are said to be "found here at Emmanuel, gigging around the Boston area, or even singing in our dorm showers." Acapocalypse has proudly donated money to Emmanuel's Dance Marathon and, in their next performance, 30 percent of their proceeds will be donated the EC Face AIDS organization.

"We occasionally collaborate with Acapocalypse!" said O'Malley. "Our groups have very different styles, but we always support each other. I'm always so proud that Emmanuel, even though it's a small school, has enough passion and talent to have had two hard working and talented a cappella groups."

Regarding Acapocalypse, Vaccaro added, "Each year in September, we hold auditions together and then discuss which singers would be a better fit for each group." She also remarked that, "both groups are very supportive of each other and we do our best to attend one another's concerts."

Brittany Pennellatore '16, a member of Acapocalypse since her freshman year, stated that her favorite part about being involved in a cappella is "definitely the family that you become a part of. Yes, we all love to sing and a cappella music is awesome, but the best part is the bond you form with your group members. I think singing together and making music is such a personal experience and sharing that with Acapocalypse has been amazing!"

FGM has a YouTube page where their latest collaborations are available to view, and they're also available to be booked for events. These two vocal groups are definitely something to watch out for--especially as FGM competes next weekend in the ICCA Semifinal. Acapocalypse also has an upcoming performance, during which they will perform in Emmanuel's Library Lecture Hall alongside two other collegiate a cappella groups, the Simmons Sirens and the Berklee Y Chromotones on March 28th.

-Brittany Adams '14