Several major surveys are administered at Emmanuel College on a scheduled basis, either annually or in rotation with other surveys.

Please see the survey schedule below. These surveys allow us to hear directly from students during all stages of their time at Emmanuel (from being incoming freshmen, to being currently enrolled students, to being graduating seniors, to being alumni).

The results from these surveys inform planning and decision-making in many areas. Amongst other things, taken together the results of such surveys helps the College to understand the quality of its programs and services, the nature of faculty-student and staff-student interactions, the hopes of incoming students, the priorities and satisfaction of current students, the aspirations and destinations of exiting students, and the value of many facets of the Emmanuel College experience. National surveys that the College participates in also offer the additional benefit of providing us with data from other institutions, which Emmanuel can then use to benchmark ourselves against peer institutions as well as national norms.

On occasion, the College will also administer ad-hoc surveys to respond to particular issues or concerns. For example in spring 2016 the College (sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs and the Counseling Center) administered the Healthy Minds Survey to gather data that would allow us to evaluate the mental health needs on our campus.

Emmanuel College Survey Schedule

Survey Instrument CIRP Freshman Survey (CIRP)
Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)
The Outcomes Survey (TOS) *
Alumni Survey
Course Evaluations
Created by HERI at UCLA
University of Indiana
University of Indiana
Noel Levitz Grad Leaders Emmanuel College Watermark & Emmanuel College
Frequency Every Year Every Year Once Every Three Years (Spring) Once Every 3 Years (Spring) Every Year (Dec & May) Every Year (Spring) Every Semester
Peer Data Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
SP/15   X X X
FA/15 X X X X
SP/16   X X
FA/16 X X X
SP/17   X X X
FA/17 X X X
SP/18   X X X X
FA/18 X X
SP/19   X X X X
FA/19 X X
SP/20   X X X
FA/20 X X
FA/21 X X X
FA/22 X X X
SP/23 X X X
FA/23 X X X
SP/24 X X X
FA/24 X X X
SP/25 X X X X
Incoming Freshmen Incoming Freshmen Freshmen and Seniors All Trad A&S Students Graduating Students (A&S and GPP) Alumni (A&S 5 and 10 years out) All enrolled students (A&S, GPP, COF, High School & Exchage)

(A) While the College is committed to regularly gathering data on our incoming freshmen class, the survey instrument we have used to do so has varied over time. Prior to fall 2017, the CIRP Freshman Survey was regularly administered during summer orientation. In 2017 the BCSSE was administered instead of the CIRP Freshman Survey to Emmanuel's incoming freshmen class as a pilot study. Then, when the College adopted the Maporks at-risk software system in fall 2018 we administered the Mapworks Assessment to freshmen in fall 2018 and spring 2019. The Mapworks at-risk system was abruptly (and unexpectedly) ended at the end of spring 2018. In the absence of an outside survey for freshmen, the College administered an internal pulse survey to freshmen in fall 2019. Due to the fully online nature of the fall 2020 semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no specific survey was administered to freshmen that semester. Starting in fall 2021, we plan to start administering the BCSSE to each incoming freshmen class again on a regular, annual basis.

(B) The College made the decision not to administer the NSSE as scheduled in spring 2021 due to the hybrid learning environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will next administer the NSSE in spring 2022. As a result, the next administration of the SSI will be postponed until spring 2023.

(C) The SSI was administered in fall 2015, rather than spring 2016, in order to allow the results from that survey to inform spring retention initiatives that year.

(D) The Outcomes Survey is administered at 4 points in time: at graduation and then at 3, 6 and 12 months out. 

(E) Due to the introduction of The Outcomes Survey, as of spring 2016 Emmanuel stopped administering the College Senior Survey (due to the overlap in the content of these surveys, as well as the population they are targeted at).

(F) This calendar only includes College wide survey administrations. It does not include ad-hoc departmental surveys.

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