Centers, Partnerships & Institutes

The Carolyn A. Lynch Institute

Established in 2002 by a generous founding grant from the Lynch Foundation, the Carolyn A. Lynch Institute provides a range of collaborative programs and services that enhance the professional development of urban teachers and enrich the education of PK-12 students in the city of Boston and other urban areas. The programming offered through the Lynch Institute has enabled Emmanuel College to positively impact the quality of education in urban schools, with particular emphasis on math, science and technology education.

Emmanuel College undergraduates have benefited from substantial scholarship support provided by the Lynch Institute. Lynch Scholarships are offered to mathematics and science majors and elementary education students strong in mathematics and science who are interested in urban teaching.

Additionally, thousands of educators and students from the city of Boston and other urban areas have benefited from the programs developed and supported by the Carolyn A. Lynch Institute.

Lynch Institute for Professional Development

Through the Lynch Institute for Professional Development, hundreds of urban teachers have participated in courses and workshops that focus on standards-based education in the critical areas of literacy and mathematics. Programming specifically addresses the need for professional development of primary-level teachers in assessing and intervening with young children at risk in mathematical development.

Catholic School Principal Leadership Institute

The Catholic School Principal Leadership Institute at Emmanuel College is designed to build standards-based expertise and leadership among principals, especially in their roles as supervisors of instruction.

Mentor Program

In collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office, new Catholic school principals are matched with veteran principals to help support the transition to the role of leader in a Catholic school. The pairs meet regularly at their schools and periodically as a group for training and sharing experiences.

The Lynch Foundation provides assistance to programs primarily in Massachusetts with an emphasis on education; culture and historic preservation; health care and medical research; and religious and educational efforts of the Roman Catholic Church. The foundation's president and chairman Carolyn A. Lynch and her husband Peter have long been supporters of Emmanuel, each receiving honorary degrees from the College in 1994. Through the generosity of the Lynch Foundation, Emmanuel College has been able to further its mission of improving education in urban environments.