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We are excited that you have selected Emmanuel College as your place. We want to welcome you to our community by giving you early access to the MySaints portal, your one-stop place for all things Emmanuel. Here you will communicate with students, faculty and staff through email, announcements and event postings.

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Please Note: It is important that it is you, the student, who signs into this account and no one else. Federal law (FERPA) requires that only the student access this account and not a parent or guardian. The enrollment deposit is required in order to create your student account. Shortly after you submit an enrollment form and deposit, you will receive an email from our Information Technology department with your unique activation code. When you receive this email, you will be ready to create your Emmanuel account!

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You will be prompted to answer a few questions, and then pick a password. 

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We have created a special page within MySaints that addresses items you need to know both before and after orientation. Information from departments such as Residence Life, Orientation, Academic Advising/Registrar and Student Financial Services will be featured on this site. It is important that you create this account as soon as possible as it will give you access to the following important items online: 

  • Emmanuel e-mail account 
  • Assessment of Foundation Skills 
  • Residence Life and Housing Lease and Preference Questionnaire 
  • Information about Orientation  

If you have trouble logging into MySaints, please contact the Office of Admissions at 617-735-9715.