Assistant Director of Admissions

devlinb [at] (devlinb[at]emmanuel[dot]edu)

What is your favorite thing about Emmanuel College?

Tough to argue with having a Dunkin’ on campus, but I think that Emmanuel’s unique ability to combine a residential experience in a major city offers our students the benefit of having a physical place and community to be a part of while also being part of the bigger Boston community. 


What is your favorite thing to do in Boston?

As a lover of history, I’m a big fan of hitting the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Dorchester. It is always a good day when I get to pop over there and check out some of the classic exhibits as well as new ones. Other than that, watching the Red Sox blow a late lead or Sully’s in Southie (honorable mention to sitting in traffic)! 


What is the one piece of advice you would give prospective students about the college process?

There are no stupid questions! The people who work in our office and in this field are here to help and can guide you toward the resources to clear up any confusion/curiosities you may have. Many of our staff members have a wealth of knowledge about Emmanuel and college admission as a whole. So, please take full advantage of that! We’re here to help!


What is the most exciting aspect of working in Admissions?

I love being able to visit students on the road while being an ambassador for Emmanuel. It’s a lot of fun to get to know different high schools’ students and staff. Specifically, I do my best to get the scoop on which schools have rivalries with one another. Finding local eateries in random places is always a unique part of the job as well- shout out to Tacoria in Paramus, NJ!