Emmanuel students have the opportunity to search for on- or off-campus employment through HireSaints.

Not all students will choose to work while enrolled at Emmanuel. However should you want or need to work to pay for living expenses, the College has a robust on-campus employment program and our Boston location is ideal for finding jobs in the local community. On-campus employment opportunities are available in our academic offices, residence halls and administrative offices.

If you are planning on working either on or off campus, you must have the following to complete your employment paperwork: I-9, M-4, W-4 and Direct Deposit Authorization. These forms are also available on HireSaints or in the Office of Human Resources.

  • Valid original identification such as driver's license and Social Security Card, or a U.S. passport. You may view a list of acceptable documentation as determined by the federal government at on the I-9 form.
  • Voided check or direct deposit form from your bank.

Student employment and Federal Work-Study is not deducted from the bill. Students will receive a paycheck directly deposited into their bank account every two weeks for hours worked.

The College does not place students in jobs. All openings are posted on HireSaints. First-time HireSaints users will receive their log-in information early July. If you have questions about the log-in process, please contact the Career Center at 617-735-9930 or careercenter@emmanuel.edu.

Through HireSaints:

  • Once you have logged in, go to the blue tool bar at the top of the page and select "Jobs & Internships."
  • Select the drop down option "HireSaints Jobs."
  • Go to the "Position Type" drop down menu and select from the three part-time options:
    1. Part-time: Off Campus
    2. Part-time: Off Campus* - FWS Required
    3. Part-time: On Campus* - FWS & Non FWS
  • Click on position title for a detailed job description and application instructions.

* Students who work through the College cannot work more than 12 hours per week, regardless of the number of jobs they have. On average, students work approximately 8 hours per week on campus. The College does not limit the number of hours students can work for off-campus positions (with the exception of those funded through the FWS program).

Should you prefer to work off campus, our desirable Boston location affords students the opportunity to seek employment within a short walk from campus. Students are encouraged to visit the Career Center for information concerning nearby off-campus employment opportunities. The links below are also helpful for students seeking off campus positions:

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally subsidized program that provides opportunities for employment in order to help with educational expenses. The FWS amount on your award letter reflects your maximum FWS potential academic year earnings. Students who choose to work are paid every two weeks for hours worked. Due to this, FWS cannot be deducted from your bill. Please note, students awarded FWS are not required to work nor guaranteed employment.

Students are paid for hours worked on a bi-weekly pay cycle according to the Pay Schedule, which is available on HireSaints. Students enter their time electronically through ADP Workforce Now, and may also use the system to view their pay statements and tax information. Instructions on how to register for ADP Workforce Now account is available on HireSaints.

If students complete the Direct Deposit Form, their earnings will be directly added to their account; otherwise, their paycheck will be available in their on campus student mailbox. Commuter students should make arrangements directly with the
 Office of Human Resources. Please note that because the bank needs to clear direct deposit requests, the first paycheck will be a paper paycheck.

Should you prefer to work off campus, our desirable Boston location affords students the opportunity to seek employment within a short walk from campus. Students are encouraged to visit the Career Center for information concerning nearby off-campus employment opportunities.

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