Student W-2 and 1098-T forms will be available in late January. The 1098-T form will be made available to eligible students with a Social Security Number (SSN) on file with the College. An email request will be sent to students without a SSN on file. If you receive this email and would like to receive a 1098T, please provide your SSN to the Office of Student Financial Services at 617-735-9938 on or before January 14.


  • 1098-T tax documents for will be mailed to the student's preferred mailing address in late January and will also be available online. Students may download the 1098-T form by logging into EC Online Services.
  • To access your 1098-T, choose the ‘Tax Information' tab and opt to receive your 1098-T in an electronic format. Once you opt into receiving your form electronically you can download your 1098-T statement.
  • Please refer to your tax advisor with specific questions related to the 1098-T or tax filing requirements.  For more information regarding tax documents, please visit


  • Student W-2 tax documents will be mailed to the student's mailing address in ADP in late January and will also be available online. Students may access their W-2 on their ADP account.
  • To access your W-2 online, students can log into ADP and click on Myself > Pay > Annual Statements.

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Shakirah Ketant '24: Triple Threat

Jumping into her Emmanuel experience, Shakirah was sure of two things: that what she had planned was going to be a “tall task,” and that she was up for the challenge.

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Christine Burke '22: Counseling with Compassion

Counseling & health psychology major Christine came to Emmanuel knowing she wanted to pursue a career in health care, and the College’s opportunities and connections for students interested in the field—as well as a neuroscience course she attended at EC Incoming—made the decision an easy one.

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Robert Columbus '20: The Idea Man

Robert’s interest in the workings of the wider world grew in 2011 as the Arab Spring became international news. “I love history,” he said, “so knowing the history of the states as well as their current affairs made their actions and interactions much more interesting to me.”

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Jessie Wang '19: Head of the Class

What began as an on-campus job in Emmanuel's student center transformed into a new career path for Jessie, one that brought her to Harvard University as a master's candidate in higher education administration. 

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