We understand the path to college can be both exciting and challenging for students and their families. Take a look at the resources below and reach out to the Office of Admissions with any questions along the way.

Here are some tips as you navigate the process.

This will give your family a solid foundation of information about each institution, which you can then use to decide if you want to continue exploring the school through a campus tour. Already interested in visiting Emmanuel? We have many opportunities for you and your student to visit.

Schedule Your Visit

Now that your student has some colleges in mind, he or she can request to be placed on their e-mail and mailing list to receive important information. Please note that this should be the student's same e-mail that he or she will use on his or her admissions application.

At Emmanuel, we have more than 70 majors, minors and programs of study in five distinct academic schools. If your student is not sure about a specific major...that's fine! As a liberal arts and sciences college, our students do not officially declare their major until the end of their sophomore year. We have an award-winning academic advising program with dedicated advisors to assist your student in choosing courses and making decisions about their academic future.

There is nothing like seeing a campus in person. Whether it's a family road trip or a subway ride down the street, it's important to visit colleges to see if they feel right. Emmanuel College has a number of visit options and events available throughout the year.

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Visit our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also e-mail or call us using our contact information. And yes, "Who is Halo?" is a valid question: He's our Saint Bernard mascot.

Find answers here!

Explore Our Additional Resources for Parents & Families

Application Information

Please review our important dates and deadlines and see what we recommend in a high school curriculum. Emmanuel College uses the Common Application, so your student will need to set up a free online account on the Common Application website.

Here are some factors to consider about the Emmanuel application process:

Emmanuel has many different deadline options, and it's important that your student chooses the one that gives him or her enough time to work with the high school's college counseling office and teacher recommenders to submit all the application materials we require.

Typically, it takes four to six weeks between the time we receive all application materials to the time a student receives an admission decision. All decisions are sent by mail. We do not release admission decisions over the phone, and we do not tell parents of their student's admission decision. Please make sure your student uses the correct mailing address on his or her Common Application so an admission decision won't be delayed! Every student has until May 1st to confirm enrollment.

View our application requirements page to see what materials we require for an application.

Please visit the preparation for admission page for a listing of recommended high school courses.

Since we pride ourselves on looking at the "whole student" throughout the admission process, there truly is no typical Emmanuel student! Academically, however, our students have been successful in a strong college preparatory curriculum in high school, with honors and Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate coursework when possible. Our accepted students' SAT and ACT scores are strong as well and above the national average.

In order to be considered for merit-based scholarships, students need to submit all application materials by Emmanuel's admissions deadlines. We automatically review students for possible merit awards during our admissions process to see if they are eligible for scholarships. Students will be notified in their acceptance packet if they have received any scholarship.

In order to apply for need-based financial aid, families should complete the Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority date of February 15th.

If your student is homeschooled, we require that your student submit all course information and descriptions along with evaluations and grades received. We also encourage your student to complete an informational interview with their assigned admission counselor.

If your student is considered an international student in our admission review process, she or he will have to submit additional documents as part of their application materials. Please click here for a full description of the required application materials for international students.

Although students attend an institution with the best of intentions, sometimes it simply doesn't work for them. Sometimes they decide to pursue a different major, but are at a specialized college or university that doesn't have as much of a selection; other times, the campus environment is not what they expected. Emmanuel welcomes transfer students as a vibrant part of our community. We have additional admission requirements for transfer students.

Investing in an Emmanuel Education

An Emmanuel College education will give your son or daughter access to a greater job market and open doors to new fields. Liberal arts and sciences graduates earn nearly double what high school graduates earn over the course of their working lives. We believe deeply in the value of an Emmanuel education, and we are committed to making these dramatic advantages and opportunities affordable for your family.

This important investment requires a partnership of many resources, which includes your student, your family, state and federal government, the private sector and the College. We'll help your family with the support and guidance you need to navigate the many resources available to pay for this powerful education, including savings and payment plans, parent and student loans, federal and state grants, private scholarships and both merit-based and need-based scholarships from Emmanuel College.

Safety Information for Parents

Here are the resources we have on-campus to keep your student safe, supported and happy during his or her time on our campus:

Campus Safety Department: Campus Safety is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and is always staffed by officers—including a former State Police Supervisor—who are excellent resources for all safety and security-related issues.

Residence Hall Safety: An Emmanuel I.D. card is required for access to residence halls on campus, and each of our residence hall front desks are staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Additionally, there is a panic button at each front desk that will receive an immediate response from Campus Safety if pressed in the case of an emergency.

RAVE Alert System: Emmanuel has a campus-wide urgent communication system in place, which uses texts, e-mails, automated calls and website updates to provide alerts the entire campus community.

Support Services: Emmanuel has a Counseling Center, Campus Ministry and Office of Health Services to address the wide-ranging and individual needs of our students. Both a counselor and a physician are on-call 24 hours per day to speak with any student about any personal or medical situation.  Additionally, Campus Ministry is available to meet with students and holds spiritual gatherings for the Emmanuel community.

Exploring Emmanuel

We encourage your family to visit us during your student's college search! Emmanuel offers many types of visit opportunities, including tours, interviews, information sessions and open houses. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

Planning to visit, but want to get a quick visual overview of campus first? Check out our virtual map and virtual walkthrough on Instagram.

Need directions to campus? You can access us by car, T (Boston's subway system), bus or foot. View maps and directions.

Parents of Accepted Students

Each spring, we host our annual Accepted Student Visit Day, which is exclusively for newly accepted students and their families. This day offers an in-depth look at Emmanuel and the opportunity to engage with current Emmanuel students, faculty and staff as well as other accepted families.

If you aren't able to attend Accepted Student Visit Day, we have additional opportunities for your student to connect with us including shadow days, campus tours and information sessions. Learn more about visit options.

Ready to begin?
Deposit today! Beginning in December, you can confirm your son or daughter's enrollment by submitting the deposit online.

After confirming enrollment, students will be invited to register for Orientation, where they will meet with an academic advisor, register for classes, meet other students and become acquainted with campus. Typically, Emmanuel sends out Orientation registration invitations and related material over e-mail at the beginning of May. Orientation sessions are two days each and occur in June.

There is a family portion of Orientation that you will be invited to attend.

While you may be almost ready to send your student off to college, we know the questions are just beginning. Visit the Parent + Family Relations page for resources as your student transitions to Emmanuel.

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