Student Health Insurance Requirement

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all students enrolled at least 3/4 time to be enrolled in a health insurance plan. To ensure that Emmanuel College students are meeting this requirement, all students are automatically enrolled in the College's health plan and are charged the annual health insurance premium. The student health insurance rate for 2021-22 is $3,500. 

Health Insurance Waiver

If you already have comparable coverage and would like to waive the enrollment and have the student insurance premium removed from your bill, you must submit a 2021-2022 waiver at

Please note:

Enroll in the College's Health Insurance Plan

Students who do not have coverage are required to enroll in the College's health insurance plan by completing an online enrollment form at by the fall 2021 tuition payment due date of August 4, 2021. 

Detailed information regarding the plan and benefits is available at

Emmanuel College Health Insurance Provider

For detailed information regarding the coverage provided by the College's health plan provider, including optional vision and dental insurance, please visit the University Health Plans website at

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