Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions most frequently asked of the Emmanuel College Office of Student Financial Services by parents and students.

How will I know when the bill is due?

Students will be notified at their Emmanuel email address when their semester tuition bill is available online and more details including the bill due date will be provided in this email. Once available, students may access the bill through the Billing & Payment Center.

Can my parents have access to view my tuition bill online?

Yes, you can grant other individuals (parents or guardians) access to your real-time online account information by designating them as 'Authorized Users'. To set up an Authorized User, log in to EC Online Services, select "User Options" and "Designate Authorized User". Click here for detailed instructions on sharing tuition bill access.

My authorized user needs to reset their password, how do I complete that? 

Students can generate a link to reset the password for their authorized users by logging in to EC Online Services, selecting "User Options" and "Designate Authorized User". At the top of the page there will be a blue box that has the link to reset passwords for authorized users. Click on the link to send the password reset email to your authorized user(s).  

Why is the financial aid I received not crediting my tuition bill?

If you completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and your aid does not credit your bill, supplemental information may be needed to complete your financial aid application. Please review your Financial Aid  or contact the Office of Student Financial Services. Please note Federal Work Study is not applied towards your tuition bill. If you choose to work on campus you will receive a paycheck every two weeks for any hours that you have worked.

If you are borrowing a Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan and it does not appear on your bill, please complete both the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling requirements at To decline the loan(s) or reduce the amount you wish to borrow, please login to Financial Aid via EC Online Services and select the "My Awards" page. Scroll down to the Loans section, then click "Change loan amount".

What options do I have to pay the balance after financial aid?

There are several options to pay your bill after your financial aid has been applied including the interest-free monthly payment plan as well as student and parent loans. For more information please visit If you have concerns about paying your tuition bill, please contact your student financial services counselor.

Can I use a private scholarship as a credit toward my tuition bill?

Yes. Please forward a copy of the scholarship letter to the Office of Student Financial Services as soon as possible. Although uncommon, the addition of a private scholarship may affect your eligibility for financial aid.

Am I required to purchase the College’s health insurance?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all students enrolled at least ¾ time have health insurance coverage. Each academic year, you must complete either a health insurance waiver documenting that you have health insurance coverage, or enroll in the College's plan. Both the waiver and the online enrollment may be completed at Students who have not submitted either an enrollment form or a waiver by the deadline will be enrolled in the College's plan and charged the health insurance premium.

How do I purchase a meal plan?

Please click here to visit Cafe Bon Appetit for more information on meal plans.


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