Policy for Fall 2021

Similar to the spring 2020 semester, if circumstances change and a stay-at-home order is issued for Covid-19, housing and meal plan (room and board) charges will be pro-rated. Classes will continue in a virtual format; tuition will not be prorated.

More information on the College's Withdrawal Policy can be found here

Refund Request

If after paying your tuition bill you have a credit balance on your account, you can request a refund by submitting the online Refund Request Form. 

To verify if there is a credit balance on your account, view your account details here. If you see a negative amount due (example. -$1,000), it means that your total payments and/or financial aid exceed your charges for the semester and you now have the following options:

  • Reduce any existing loan amounts. This requires submission of the online Refund Request Form to provide instructions for processing your loan change request.
  • Keep the credit on your student account to be applied towards the next semester’s tuition bill. No further action is required if you choose this option.
  • Request a refund for the credit. This requires submission of the online Refund Request Form for to provide instructions for processing your refund. 

For refund requests, we strongly recommend using direct deposit. Please view and update your Banking Information and Direct Deposit as necessary on EC Online Services.

Emmanuel College Endowed and Restricted Scholarships are funded through the generosity of alumni and friends of the College; many were established to provide additional financial support to currently enrolled students; however, all incoming students are reviewed for Endowed Scholarship eligibility upon receipt of their financial aid application (FAFSA).

Continue to Endowed Scholarship Resources Here

Scholarships are the best source of free money, and they can help you reduce the total cost of your education.

To assist with your search for private scholarships, we've listed some tips and resources below.

Finding Private Scholarships
Many outside scholarship opportunities are available through a wide variety of sources. We have found that students have been most successful searching in their local community. Here are a few places to begin your search:

  • Your high school
  • Your parents' (or your) workplace
  • Your church or religious community
  • Local libraries
  • Other local organizations

You may also find opportunities through the following online scholarship search engines:

ASA College Access Centers
The main branch of the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street contains one of nine ASA College Access Centers, which can provide assistance on many financial aid matters including private scholarship information.

Boston Public Library
700 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02117
Phone: 617-536-5400
Toll-free: 1-800-422-1171

For additional information on ASA College Access Centers around the greater Boston area and ASA services, please visit asa.orgfor-students or call 1-877-ED-AID-4U (1-877-332-4348).

Application Tips for Scholarships

  1. Start the process early. Missed a deadline? Put it on your calendar to apply next year.
  2. Apply for both large and small scholarship amounts. Many small scholarships can add up to large amounts in the end.
  3. Avoid mistakes. Make sure your application and presentation are neat and organized. Double check your application for spelling errors.
  4. Beware of scamsMost scholarships are free; be wary of scholarships that charge a fee to apply. 
  5. Create a list. Refer to it frequently to keep track of deadlines and application requirements.

Received a Private Scholarship?

Emmanuel has a generous policy regarding the treatment of private scholarship awards as students who are awarded a private scholarship will not have their existing financial aid reduced unless the total of all scholarships and grants exceeds direct costs. Students who are awarded a private scholarship may also use it as a credit towards the bill before the funds are received by providing our office with a copy of the scholarship notice. Any private scholarships you notify us of will be considered pending until we receive the funds from you or the scholarship agency.

Study Abroad

If you are considering studying abroad, in addition to meeting with the college's Study Abroad Coordinator, we encourage you to meet with the Office of Student Financial Services.

Although Emmanuel scholarships and grants are not available for use during your time abroad, there is federal, state and private funding that can be used to pay for your abroad costs.

The Office of Student Financial Services can help you determine which options may be best for you and assist you with the required paperwork.

The prospect of borrowing and repaying educational loans can be intimidating for some students. Federal student loans, however, are typically limited to amounts that make repayment manageable. Additionally, there are several federal loan repayment and forgiveness options available. We encourage students to contact their loan servicer for specific information regarding their loans.

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