Admissions & Aid

Welcome Parents!

We know that navigating the path to college can be both exciting and challenging for students and parents. We'd like to make it easier.

Whether it's the first time your family is looking at colleges or you have already logged the miles to many college visits, you are bound to have questions.

Here are some tips as you navigate the process.

Getting Started:

1. Research schools and colleges online (as you're doing right now).
This will give your family a good base of information about each institution, which you can then use to decide if you want to continue exploring the institution through a visit. Already interested in visiting Emmanuel? Find out more about our campus visit opportunities.

2. Personalize the process.
Now that your student has some colleges in mind, he or she can request to be placed on their e-mail and mailing list to receive important information.  Please note that this should be the student's same e-mail that he or she will use on his or her admissions application. Get started!

3. Learn more about the academic programs and offerings.
At Emmanuel we have more than 50 programs of study. If your student is not sure about a specific major...that's fine! As a liberal arts and sciences college, our students do not officially declare their major until the end of their sophomore year. We have an award-winning academic advising program with terrific advisors to assist your student in choosing classes and making decisions about his or her academic future.

4. Visit!
There is nothing like seeing a campus in person.  Whether it's a family road trip or a subway ride down the street, it's important to visit colleges to see if they feel right.  Emmanuel College has a number of visit options and events available throughout the year.

5. Don't forget to ask questions along the way.
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also e-mail or call us using our contact information. And yes, "Who is Halo?" is a valid question: He's our Saint Bernard mascot. Watch him in action!

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