Tuition Exchange Program

Emmanuel College participates in the Tuition Exchange Program, Inc. an employee benefit program for parents who are employed at a participating college or university. The 2020-2021 scholarship amount is $38,000 towards tuition, and recipients are eligible for the scholarship for a maximum of eight semesters.

To be considered for the scholarship at Emmanuel College, the employed parent must complete a Tuition Exchange Program Application with his/her Human Resources Office. If their Human Resources Office determines that the applicant is eligible to participate in the program, the Tuition Exchange Program Application will be forwarded to Emmanuel College for consideration.

Students must complete an Emmanuel College admissions application, in addition to the Tuition Exchange Program Application no later than February 15 for scholarship consideration. Responses will be available in early April. 

The Tuition Exchange Program is highly competitive. Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid, in addition to completing a Tuition Exchange Program Application if financial assistance is needed.

For more information on eligibility and the process by which to apply, please visit the Tuition Exchange Program, Inc.

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