Financial Aid

Emmanuel College is committed to making a high-quality, Catholic liberal arts and sciences education affordable. Please see below for the wide range of financial aid resources available.

Merit Scholarships

Learn more about Emmanuel College merit scholarships and non-need-based awards.

Scholarships are the best source of free money, and they can help you reduce the total cost of your education.

Although only students with financial need are eligible for Federal Work-Study, all students are eligible to work on campus.

Many employers provide their employees and their employees' dependents with educational assistance.

Emmanuel College participates in all veterans' benefit programs.

You may be eligible for educational tax benefits, such as interest rate reduction and educational credits.

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The Emmanuel Advantage: Kiera Eubanks ’24

Kiera Eubanks sought a college experience in which she could build strong relationships within a tight-knit community, continue her basketball career as a Division III athlete and gain valuable experience working closely with faculty.

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