Admissions + Aid

Alyssa T.

Meet Alyssa T., one of your 2014-15 Admissions Ambassadors!


  • Place on Campus: Library.
  • EC Tradition: EC Dance Marathon.      
  • Thing about Emmanuel: The school spirit and community feel.
  • Professor: Dr. Bette Weiss (Biology) - She is so passionate about what she teaches, which makes me passionate as well. She makes anatomy interesting and relates the information to our lives. She makes our classes exciting by making jokes and keeping the mood light even during the most stressful times!  She's always willing to meet with her students for extra help.       
  • Class: Anatomy and Physiology. It's fascinating to understand how our bodies function and what they're composed of and that's what the course is all about! The lab is a really great learning opportunity because it connects what we learn in our lectures to real life situations.  

Why you came to EC: I loved the "community feel" Emmanuel presented when I came for a tour. It's a hidden gem in the city of Boston! Emmanuel also provides so many great opportunities to help me achieve my dreams. This school allows you to get involved in so many different areas on campus without having scheduling conflicts, which allows you to build a great resume and make many connections that may benefit you in the future!
What three things would you want if you were stranded on a desert island:
My mother, Netflix and apples.  

What do you want to be when you grow up? An occupational therapist.