Admissions + Aid

Financial Aid Renewal Process

Emmanuel College makes every effort to offer you the same financial aid award in future years. However, the renewal of aid is contingent upon the following:

Need-Based Financial Aid

  • The FAFSA is submitted by February 15, the priority filing date.
  • Continued demonstration of financial need as determined in prior years.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress:
    • Qualitatively, students must be maintaining a 2.0 (C) semester grade point average. If a student's cumulative grade point average drops below 2.0 (C) any time after the end for the second academic year, they will be ineligible for aid.
    • Quantitatively, full-time students must successfully complete 66.7% of their attempted credits during each academic year. Students attending full time, have 6 years in which to complete a four-year program. Students not attending full-time have eight years in which to complete a four-year program.
    • Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information.
  • The same enrollment and housing status as the prior year.
  • The government/College's availability of funding.
  • Emmanuel funding is only offered for a maximum of eight semesters.

Merit-Based Scholarships

  • Continued full-time enrollment.
  • Merit-based scholarships can only be offered for a maximum of eight semesters.
  • Cumulative GPA requirements are met as indicated in the chart below:

Cumulative Grade Point Average Requirements

FundCumulative GPA 
Emmanuel College Merit Scholarships
Presidential Scholarship 3.3
Dean's Scholarship 3.3
Academic Achievement Scholarship 3.0
Saints Community Award 2.5
City of Boston Scholarship 2.5
Federal Grants
 TEACH Grant 3.25