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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The act of creating—of making something, such as a piece of music, a work of theater or a new dance—is a uniquely human endeavor in which all cultures engage.

The thrill of creating and performing is both intellectually and viscerally satisfying to the artist and the audience. Also, more than any other discipline, the performing arts can enhance self-confidence, creative thinking and public-presentation skills.

Emmanuel allows for every student, not only majors and minors, to actively engage in this exciting discipline that combines creativity, technique, historical awareness and insight into the human condition. With minors in music-theater, music and theater arts, students immerse themselves in the dramaturgical analysis of plays, the observation of body movement and the exploration of music and musical-theater from all over the world.

A major in Performing Arts may be selected through the Individualized Major program. Possible majors include Theater Arts or Music-Theater. It is also possible to combine Performing Arts with another field to create an individually-designed interdisciplinary major, such as Theater Management. Coursework varies depending on the program and is decided through student-faculty consultation. All Individualized Majors in Performing Arts are required to complete a Senior "Capstone" Project and are also encouraged to apply for Distinction in the Field.