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Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Languages taught at Emmanuel College include Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.

The Department of Modern Languages offers a variety of language, culture and literature courses designed to enhance language acquisition, promote critical-thinking skills and foster an understanding of diverse peoples and cultures. In an increasingly globalized society, there are clear practical benefits to speaking more than one language. Bilingualism has become essential to those engaging in areas of science, technology, business and politics. And beyond just words and syntax, learning another language allows students to gain a deeper understanding of cultural ideas and traditions, and opens doors to career opportunities in a variety of different fields. The Department seeks to better prepare Emmanuel students to succeed in an interconnected world, where the ability to speak a second language significantly enhances a student's opportunity to obtain employment in any field.

Carefully designed academic programs contribute towards the formation of an Emmanuel graduate who is an engaged global citizen. To this aim, the Department offers a major and a minor in Spanish as well as an individually-designed interdisciplinary major with a concentration in Spanish. In addition, the department offers a Language Certificate in Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish.

While Emmanuel is located in the heart of one of the most vibrant cultural centers in the U.S., there are even more opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. These include faculty-led study abroad courses in locations such as Paris, Milan and Oviedo, and often involve partnerships with well-known universities in the region.