News + Resources

Dr. Ben Allen has co-authored five publications that have been recently published:

  1. Allen, B. and M. A. Nowak. 2013. Cooperation and the Fate of Microbial Societies. PLoS Biology 11:e1001549.
  2. Allen, B., M. A. Nowak, and U. Dieckmann. 2013. Adaptive Dynamics with Interaction Structure. The American Naturalist 181:E139-E163.
  3. Dickinson, B. C., A. M. Leconte, B. Allen, K. M. Esvelt, and D. R. Liu. 2013. Experimental interrogation of the path dependence and stochasticity of protein evolution using phage-assisted continuous evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  4. Leconte, A. M., B. C. Dickinson, D. D. Yang, I. A. Chen, B. Allen, and D. R. Liu. 2013. A population-based experimental model for protein evolution: effects of mutation rate and selection stringency on evolutionary outcomes. Biochemistry 52:1490-1499.
  5. Reiter, J. G., I. Bozic, B. Allen, K. Chatterjee, and M. A. Nowak. 2013. The effect of one additional driver mutation on tumor progression. Evolutionary Applications 6:34-45.

Dr. Christine Sample presented "Modeling development in the fruit fly embryo" at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. on March 7, 2013.

Dr. Yulia Dementieva has co-authored a recent publication:

Yoram Elitsur, Rohit Aswani, Vicky Lund, Yulia Dementieva. Seasonal Distribution and Eosinophilic Esophagitis: The Experience in Children living in Rural Communities. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, 2013 Mar; 47(3):287-8

Daniel Helkey ('13) and Lena Hajjar ('14) participated in the 4th Annual Mathematics Competition at the Central Connecticut State University on April 13th, 2013. They competed with students from colleges and universities of New England, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Williams College.

Christopher Paoletti ('15) and Ruben Medeiros ('14) are currently participating in summer research at Emmanuel College. Drs. Ben Allen, Christine Sample, and Yulia Dementieva are serving as their advisors.

Daniel Helkey ('13) will enter the Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics at the University of California Santa Cruz in the fall. Our best wishes to Daniel on his pursuit of higher mathematics education!