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What Our Students Say:

"Being an education major is exciting because you know that down the line you can make a difference in someone's life. Going into the field of teaching is not just about academics, but also involves creating personal relationships with students. At Emmanuel, students are taught what it takes to be a successful teacher."
- Jared

Student education here at Emmanuel has prepared my for a life long journey of educating others. I believe that is so important to teach and empower youth as they are the key to the future.
- Jenell

As an education major at Emmanuel, I feel like part of a family. I know all of the education professors, and they know me as well, which is something you do not get at many colleges. I know most of the education majors and have formed strong bonds with my fellow senior education majors, which is also something that may not happen at a large university. The education faculty members are always willing to help in any circumstance and that sets Emmanuel apart from other colleges.
- Kelly

Studying education in Boston is special in itself. Through these four years I have been able to experience and learn a great deal about urban education. From these experiences I have become passionate about urban education and aspire to work in such an environment. The diverse population of this city also has provided education students with an understanding of differentiation on multiple levels. From ELLs, IEPs, or different ways of instruction and learning strategies, Boston provides so many outlets for real life application if one chooses to be a teacher.
- Matthew