More than just “keeping the books,” accountants track, analyze and interpret financial information, and their insights inform critical business decisions.

The accounting program at Emmanuel is ahead of the curve preparing students for what is coming. We’re providing students with the opportunity to explore the impact of advanced technologies in a rapidly changing world. Emmanuel’s Accounting program prepares students for the future of accounting by incorporating data tools and analytics throughout the curriculum. Tableau, Alteryx, and Lucidcharts are some of the software tools our students use to inform critical business decisions for organizations.

Major Requirements

View the 2022-2023 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.

Requirements for a B.A. in Accounting

  • ACCT1201 Financial Accounting (QA) (QR)
  • ACCT2201 Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT2203 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT2204 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACCT2206 Cost Accounting
  • ACCT3203 Auditing and Assurance Services
  • ACCT3296 Accounting Internship
  • ACCT3411 Federal Income Taxes
  • ACCT3413 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCT4201 Advanced Accounting
  • ECON1101 Principles of Microeconomics (SA) (SS)
  • MATH1118 Introduction to Statistics with R(QA) (QR)
  • MATH1111 Calculus I (QA)(QR) OR MATH1121 Applied Mathematics for Management (QA) (QR)*
  • MGMT1101 Introduction to Business
  • MGMT2301 Legal Environment of Business
  • MGMT2307 Organizational Behavior (SA) (SS) (DM)
  • MGMT3210 Business Analytics
  • MGMT3302 Operations Management
  • MGMT3305 Financial Management
  • *Students with a strong math background may take MATH1111 Calculus I or MATH1112 Calculus II

Minor Requirements

View the 2022-2023 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.

Requirements for Minor in Accounting:

  • 1. ACCT1201 Financial Accounting (QA) (QR)
  • 2. ACCT2201 Managerial Accounting
  • 3. ACCT2203 Intermediate Accounting I
  • 4. ACCT2204 Intermediate Accounting II
  • 5.-6. Choose two from the following courses: 
  • ACCT2206 Cost Accounting 
  • ACCT3411 Federal Income Tax
  • ACCT3413 Accounting Information Systems 

Learning Goals & Outcomes

At the completion of the Accounting Major, students will:

  1. Demonstrate professional values and ethical behavior in accordance with various codes of professional conduct while considering a broad range of stakeholders.
  2. Evaluate internal and external contributors’ impact on performance, governance, reporting, sustainability, and compliance.
  3. Predict outcomes and capitalize on the diverse skills and backgrounds within a team to optimize innovative problem solving.
  4. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication and accept personal responsibility for soliciting and managing the receipt of feedback.
  5. Integrate developed competencies and skill sets, and design strategies for managing conflicts faced by professionals in an increasingly complex and interdisciplinary workplace.
  6. Collect, store, process and analyze information to be shared with various stakeholders through the preparation and presentation of external and internal reports in accordance with professional standards.
  7. Appraise the world's economic, social, cultural, and technological impact on accounting and business decision-making through the application of the liberal arts and sciences.
  8. Create opportunities to promote change, challenge assumptions, offer a different perspective, encourage experimentation, and strengthen positive thinking.
  9. Conduct research with professional skepticism, validate and analyze data for accuracy, uncover patterns and correlations, and provide visual context.

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